Crush: Creepy Things a Girl Does When She Has One On You


Today I am going to tell you the things a female does when she has a crush on you. Hardcore serious or just messing around with her own feelings, she will definitely do these things when she has you on her mind.

  1. S.T.A.L.K.I.N.G.

I as hardcore into stalking yesterday and I came up with a full form of stalking. S.T.A.L.K.I.N.G= Sluts that are low key into nice guys. Or wait, better yet, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S= sluts that actually like knowing every random stuff. Yeah that’s it. When she has a crush on you, she will stak you to her death. Intagram, snapchat, facebook, twitter, linkedin, reddit, google+ you name it. They take the knowledge train to the corner of science and facts and know each and everything about you. They even know when you commented “nice pic dear” on a random blodie’s profile pic on january 2006.


  1. Thinking about you 24/7

You might have listened to that song “24/7 i think of you” in that indian movie which stars Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. And it is true. She is thinking of you in her sleep, in her day dreams, while washing dishes, while on work, while playing soccer. Believe me!  

  1. Accidentally messaging you on purpose

She deperately wants to talk to you but she won’t beause she doesn’t want to seem desperate and easy. So she will type a random message or maybe a snap and will “accidentally on purpose” send it to you. Then she will say, “omg sorry that wasn’t for you” just so you could reply and a conversation is started. Somtimes it really does happen. But 6/7 times, it is done on purpose.                                              

  1. Listening to music and pretending she is the heroin and you’re the hero

Ok this is legit everyone does. You know you look out of the window while in your car and listen to sad music and pretend you’re in a music video. But when she has a crush on you, you’re in her imaginary music video too. Even right now she is probably imaginary dancing to “tum hee tou meri dunya ho, tum hee tou mera pyaar ho” in a white saree with you.

  1. Ignoring your message while dying inside

Suppose you have texted her anywhere on any app. She is using the phone EXACTLY at that time and obviously she has gotten the notification. But will she reply you at exactly the same time? Absolutely not, unless her name is Pheonix Tears and she is writing this article. She has to show you that she isn’t available all the time and that she is not that desperate. She’d be dying inside but she won’t do it just yet. If her best friend is sitting beside her then she will probably ask “ should I message him back now”  and obviously, her best friend will say, “Not yet, have some self respect you now”


  1. When she defends you

She has finally told her friends who she likes and now they are demanding your pics. She secretly takes a screenshot of your instagram pic, because on snapchat you’ll get a notification obviously and you’ll be creeped out, so she covertly takes a screenshot of the pic she thinks you look the hottest in and will show it to her friends. As if on cue, her friends will tell her you’re not beautiful/handsome enough. And when she hears that, she is ready to say, “No he is not, I like him and that is what matters” because she can’t say anything offending as she is talking to her best friend. But what can she do? She has a crush on you!                                                                          

  1. Imagining scenarios that will never come true

Just before slipping into sleep, she has her eyes shut and is dreaming how when you two get married, you’d come and hug her from behind and mutter a “goodmorning” in your sleepy voice while she is on the bed wearing shoes, getting ready for work, or maybe how you do the same thing when she is making coffee for you in the kitchen. Yeah we dream about that a lot.                                                                         

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