Darren Sammy Responded Most Amazingly To A Question Of “Replacing Afridi Successfully In Peshawar Zalmi”

Peshawar Zalmi

The 3rd season of Pakistan Super League (PSL) will end today with a might-be-thrilling final match between Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad United and we are all excited about knowing that who will end up being a champion of 2k18’s PSL.

Peshawar Zalmi

Few matches of PSL have been played in Lahore of Pakistan too and the final is going to be held in Karachi, our mini Pakistan.

Cricket fans all over the country are so excited about the arrival of cricket at the grounds of Karachi, after Lahore’s and let’s be honest, Karachi did welcome the players with all super cool arrangements.


However, Darren Sammy being the captain of Peshawar Zalmi, the defending champions, is actually the heart of this tournament who never fails to amaze us every single time.

From being called as Darren Sammy Khan to adopting Pakistan’s culture, this man has made his specific place in the hearts of beautiful and ever-loving Pakistanis.


Since, we all know that Shahid Afridi who has played two seasons of PSL for Peshawar Zalmi, has this time switched his team and played for Karachi Kings of Salman Iqbal.

Peshawar Zalmi

Afridi’s departure from Peshawar Zalmi was taken by fans as both positively and negatively. Some welcomed Shahid’s decision of joining the Karachi Kings while some got devastated as he left Peshawar Zalmi.

However, this season of PSL started with both Karachi King’s and Peshawar Zalmi’s great and impressive performances while Zalmi made it to finals under Darren Sammy’s enthusiastic captaincy leaving Kings behind.

This made some people feel like that Zalmi doesn’t need Afridi and Sammy has replaced him amazingly; so, a reporter ended up asking Darren Sammy, “Do you think you have successfully replaced Shahid Afridi in Zalmi?” 

To this, Sammy laughed maybe surprisingly and the first thing he asked from the reporter was, “Did you just say that?”

And then he continued by saying, “No! No, no, no! That will never happen… he has made Peshawar Zalmi the brand it is today… he will always be people’s champion. He will always be Pakistan’s favourite sportsman… I appreciate all the love that I have received here in Pakistan…”

Like whoa! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Darren Sammy for you; the most humble, kind and a real sportsman ever.

Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi

Things didn’t end there and Shahid Afridi thanked Darren Sammy for his kind words and acknowledgment for him.

Darren Sammy then in return thanked Lala too for his support and called him people’s champion.

Surely, Afridi is our hero and true champion but Sammy’s super kind attitude made us fall in love with him for the very person he is; a true gem for sure.

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