Declining Quality of Education sector in Pakistan.


Education system of Pakistan is facing a downturn in the qualitative area due to the negligence at the part of Schools, universities and academies at both private and government level. Education sector is the new money making sector in Pakistan. Every school, college and university is focusing on capturing students to make their businesses better while forgetting about the quality of education that they are providing. The main issue is not that students are investing huge amounts in to the Education Sector, main concern here is that what are they getting in return of their investment?.

Answer is yet unknown? because most of us are destitute from the facility of career counselling, a lot of students in Pakistan does not know why they have perused certain Majors yet they are doing it just for the sake of getting a degree so that they can make themselves Eligible to apply for higher jobs in market, while the saturation in the job market is another story.

How Education system sees us.

In Pakistan there is not just one problem in the education sector there are multiple problems but no one bothers to “highlight” those issues. We as a nation have failed to recognize the need of career counselling and determining the psychological health of students. we do conduct National aptitude test at our best to analyze the student’s aptitude towards a certain field but this does not help us anyway. Counseling regarding career choices should include taking personal surveys and Interviews from students. This will clear their minds regarding their choices. Some students can not be Assessed properly due their indistinct selections, they should be provided sometime to think about their career choices. Career counselling somehow relates to “educational psychology” as well therefore it is necessary to observe students where their interest lies.

Many of us are unclear in our choices due to the lack of guidance from our early childhood. A child can not know what is better for him still we force him to obtain good grades regardless of having any idea about what he is studying? why is he studying? and where his interest lies?

We all know that the world is a competitive space but to be Competitive enough we must know our competencies what are they? where do they lie? how can we make them better or stronger? only after acquiring our strengths we can compete although “Life is not a race” where you always have to win. Definition of winning is different for everyone yet there is one similar goal for everyone in the market is to “make money”. The ultimate reality of Education sector is to make money however possible. There is nothing wrong in making money as well when you actually “earn it”.

Students in Pakistan no matter how hard their lives and surroundings are thriving hard to get a degree which would be worthless to their own selves, if their interest is not there. Students under pressure due to this reason commit suicide and get depress. They know they have worked hard to be a part of this highly Educated society does not approve of them because they have lacked several competencies.


Our education system is too blind to pay attention to students emotional heath which would indicate either they are happy with what they are doing or not? but I’m glad that many of the organizations in Pakistan do care about their Employees mental well being because it is directly related to their Performance and learning curve. When employees don’t find satisfaction in their work their learning curve would decline. This kind of attention is required in school, colleges and universities as well. An employee may not be a student before so it doesn’t matter but those who have worked hard and yet unable to get what they deserve and still unable to find satisfaction in their work are the real “victim” of this society. Most of us don’t think this as a big issue while the issue is still there big or not.

To be successful simple Education is not important Right education is Important. Universities and schools should not observe students as Merely “just customers” through which they can make a lot of money but earn zero credibility. Universities and schools are transforming students into a commodity which later have to sell themselves into the market to get a job. This is the harsh reality of our Education system that they don’t give the basic education of what is wrong and what is right? and how to handle different situations of life? how to be successful while using your capabilities and competencies?


(Mindset of the society)

we have never been taught that each individual in this world is different so how come we all can be good in the same thing when each and everything of us is different from each other so as our capabilities. “This makes the competitive world again non-competitive“. We as a nation needs serious career counselling and student counsel facility for our schools and universities so that the “Number of Graduates remains the same but the difference would occur in terms of Quality”.

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