Depression Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of.


I have this friend who is suffering from depression. He was going through all different sort of difficulties and somewhere during it he ended up having no interest in living anymore.

Before talking to me about it he had talked to a few other people about it. They tried to talk him through it telling him words of kindness – half of them true, half of them said just out of formality.

Of course, none of their words worked. If they would have helped him and fixed the problem permanently, that wouldn’t be depression then.

One day however, he talked to me about it. He told me he was going through some problems and couldn’t remember being happy anymore. He was expecting kind words from me just like he received from everyone else but when I said it, he turned to look at me as if I was crazy.

Here’s what I said : ‘Why don’t you see a Therapist.” That’s it. He lost his mind, and asked me if I was kidding, but I wasn’t. I was completely serious about it and I didn’t see what was wrong in what I had just said.

Apparently though, something was wrong in it according to him and many others. Because you see, many people don’t consider seeing a therapist even when they need to. Why?

Because they say they’re not mental. They’re not retarded or suffering from something that makes them abnormal, then why should they? here’s why.

First of all, having depression does make you abnormal. That’s true. If you’re saying only abnormal people should see a therapist, it still means you have to. Normal people find happiness in things and want to live.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with being abnormal. Why do we consider that it’s something to be ashamed of? If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or any sort of disorder that most of the people don’t there is nothing to be ashamed of.

There is so much unawareness about this it never fails to surprise me. It’s okay to go to a therapist when you need it. It’s okay to see someone for help if you really need it. It’s okay to be suffering from something. But what’s not okay is to think that seeing someone professional is something to be ashamed of.

Don’t be offended if someone asks you to see someone for help. In fact, go for it without anyone suggests it to you. This one decision may change your life forever — for good.

Change your mindset, change your life.

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