This Is How I Destroy People When They Try To Harm Me With Their Words.


In every person’s life, there comes a time, when people have to be savage even if they are very sweet. They have to use insults, because using hands becomes a little too extreme.

I had a similar situation. Even though I haven’t always used them face to face, but I have destroyed people online.

Here are some of my finest insults from my secret stash of insults.

Insult Number 1

“The only way you would ever get laid is, if you crawled up a chicken’s butt and waited.”

Try coming up with a comeback for this!

Insult Number 2

“You are a slinky. Not really good for anything but it would make me very happy to send you down a flight of stairs”

Don’t ever ask what you are to me if we are not on good terms.


Insult Number 3

“You literally share the same traits as a cinder block; dull, grey, heavy and empty on the inside.


Insult Number 4

“A concrete block is the only thing big enough to hit you on your head. Your head is too big for a brick.”

I think I have a love for concrete and cinder blocks.

Insult Number 5

“I don’t really hate you but I wish you never find masala packet in your ramen/noodles again.”

I take my ramen seriously, so if I am saying this to you, keep in mind it’s a serious bad du’a.

Insult Number 6

I wish I was an octopus so I could use all of my tentacles to slap you at once.”

Me as a mom, disciplining my children would be lit if that happened.


Insult Number 7

“The difference between an egg and You is that eggs get laid.

Yeah, keep crying about how single you are.

Insult Number 8

You are literally the human version of period cramps.”

Noting is more painful to be honest. Except for birth pain.

Insult Number 9

You are an imagination-less, dry napkin”

Insult Number 10

You have the personality of a wet sock.

Gross, right?

Insult Number 11

“Oh, come on! You’re so skinny, that If I put sesame seed on your head, you would look like a common pin. It would take only a thumb to push you six feet under ground.”

The most INTENSE INSULT; Number 12

You look like as if a dog f***** a rabbit and you’re the product.

Sorry, not sorry, I had to use this for someone who was continuously abusing me.

Use them as you please. Destroy people when they’re trying to harm you with their words. Become full savages.

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