These Dialogues From Pakistani Dramas Are Just Mind-blowing

Pakistani dramas
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Pakistani dramas are always showing you life’s both sweet and hard realities. At one side, where these shows depict the practicality of life then at the other side, they also show us some lighter pictures of our society.

Pakistani dramas are real beauty of our country and they are something we are proud of, certainly. It’s the Pakistani dramas which gave us amazing and inspirational roles like Kashaf, Zubia and Khirad at one side.

Then at other side, the same dramas gave us awesome and splendid characters like Gulsher, Asfandyar and Daniyal.

From super hit Zindagi Gulzar Hai to ever famous Yakeen Ka Safar and from totally incredible Pyaray Afzal to awe-inspiring Shehr-e-Zaat, we can watch every show several times without getting bored.

The dramas which are on-air these days are also not less than any magic as Baaghi and Khaani are gaining much fame and fans are loving both the shows alot.

Also, it’s not only the actors that make a serial hit but there is a whole grand team behind the success of any drama.

From director to producer and from writer to dialogue creator, every single person behind the screen is equally significant in making a show super famous.

However, the dialogues from Pakistani dramas are surely cherry on top of any show as they add beauty and life to these serials.

We have collected some few amazing dialogues from Pakistani dramas which are totally mind-blowing.

1. Where men go actually?

Pakistani dramas

From “Digest Writer” 

The talented Saba Qamar with Gohar Rasheed nailed it in this show.

2. Men never get tired of lying, tbh

Pakistani dramas

From “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”

Kashaf’s perspectives about men were on point in this serial.

3. “Kabhi kabhi dil chahta hai raasta khatam na hu.”

Pakistani dramas

From Yakeen Ka Safar

The chemistry of Asfandyar and Zubia in this drama was beyond beautiful.

4. Life is a big dilemma

Pakistani dramas

From “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”

In ZGH, Kashaf was quite hopeless, initially.

5. Oh! The chapters of life, sigh!

Pakistani dramas

From “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”

Zaroon’s diary though.

6. “Mohabbat ki bay-izati na karo.”

Pakistani dramas

From “Pyaray Afzal”

“Mohabbat ki bay-izati na karo, ager ghusey main ajaye toh tum jaison ko bhi hujye.” – Lubna

7. Loug kabhi ma’af nahi kartay

Pakistani dramas

From “Yakeen Ka Safar”

When Zubia opened up in front of abbi.

8. The ever good words of Fauzia Batool

Pakistani dramas

From “Baaghi”

When Fauzia used to work on his brother to make him a good man.

9. God loves us all

Pakistani dramas

FromZindagi Gulzar Hai

When Kashaf finally realizes that God loves us all.

10. “Insaano se umeedein wabasta nahi karni chaye.”

Pakistani dramas

FromYakeen Ka Safar

“Khooni rishtay, pyaar kay rishtay sab aisey hi hutey hain. Wo kehte hain na insaano se umeedein wabasta nahi karni chaye. Aap ne wo mashhoor qoul nahi suna, loug sab hi achay hute hain, bas Khuda wo bura waqt na laye.” – Asfandyar

The Pakistani dramas are a total delight to watch and the awe-inspiring dialogues from these incredible shows are one of the many reasons that these serials are famous and loved around the world.

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