Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.


Do not take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive. Something really well said by Elbert Hubbard. But what does life actually mean? Life is a complete set of different phenomenon including biological, psychological, economical and social aspect of living human being. We’re well aware of the fact that this life is temporal. Life span of every human being is pre-written. Everyone has to leave this world, sooner or later. Now, it depends on individuals that how they perceive the ambiguities of life. If someone choose to utilize the time, and live each and every moment of it cherishingly, then the positive ingredients will be added to life automatically. And if anyone takes it too seriously then it could be problematic for them. So, it’s entirely up to us that how we take our life?

When we have a look on the present era, we find majority of us have set our lives on a race, a race of being better than others. We’re much entrapped in our hectic schedules that we’ve no idea about what we are gaining and losing. And we’re following the race of chasing the luxurious lifestyles frantically. In all this we haven’t even realized that we’ve lost ourselves somewhere far behind. We’ve introduced many complexities in our lives and we’re responsible for this. We think that we’ve money and we can do anything. We are arrogant enough that those who have lower standards of living, majority of us treat them ferociously. On the other hand, we are busy in envying from those who are on our standard. Everything seems to be helter-skelter now, as we have filled it with fraudulence and many such negative aspects and we are ruling over the society bluntly. It seems to be mesmerizing and apparently, everything seems to be perfect for us. But the fact is, we have set ourselves on self-destruction. In this ironic situation, many of us are going through depressions, frustrations, perturbations, anxiety, nostalgia, stress, neurological and medical diseases, and much more scourges like these, that are spreading invasively. This is simply the betrayal against our souls. This is because we took eternity so seriously that we forgot about ephemerality. Actually it hurt when we do so much to achieve a luxurious lifestyle and when we chase everything, then we realize that we are missing the tranquility. That peace of mind is lost. Was this the goal of our life?

How do we expect to lead a prosperous life, by hurting the other human beings and by pouring negativities in our lives? Our lives have been materialistic. We’re the reason behind it. Have you ever wondered that in this shorter period of time, how we’re ruining our lives by making it more complex? The excessive desires for wealth are the cause of increasing disturbances in our lives. As Hazraat Ali (R.A) said:
“Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.”
Have we ever wondered that what we are supposed to do in this temporary life? With every passing second, our life span is being reduced. Then why we’re wasting it by making our lives even more complex? This shouldn’t be the frame of spending life. We should have enough time to spend for ourselves. Out of our busy routines, we should spare some extra time for enjoying the pleasantries of life. Collection of little positive aspects can lead to a consolidated peaceful life. The enchanting scenes of nature are waiting for us to get attracted toward them. Many orphans and needy people are looking for someone to bring smiles on their faces. What if we become one? The cost of those smile will be much more than million dollars, believe me! Some moments of joy spent with our loved ones are the blessings. Then what are we waiting for? Still we want to rush toward those luxuries?
No matter how much we are immersed in worldly matters, how much we’ve filled our lives with anxiety, IT WILL END UP! Either we get stick to these problems or we get rid of them, LIFE GOES ON! Our emanating breathe will never wait for us to return to life. It’s all about fate! It’s much better for us to restore our lost pleasures and to return to life as soon as possible. Because there’s a huge difference between living and surviving. Living means to spend every moment even more cherishingly than the last one. Whereas surviving means to pass the life unwillingly. It’s completely up to us that which direction which we choose to take our life. All we need is to insert some patience, positive behavior towards the society, sincerity, loyalty and all such attitudes which we expect to see in others. We have to adapt what we wish to have in others. Because change starts from individuality! It is perfectly defined by Rumi:
“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety: if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, without pain. ”

We, being Muslims, are already guided with proper directions of living life. The Holy Quran is completely stuffed with the matters of life of human beings. Guidance of every aspect of human life can be easily found in Islam. The Islamic ideologies give a proper way to spend life. Islam itself is a peaceful religion. Its preaching demand all the positive attitudes from the followers.

The more we limit our desires, the more it becomes calmer. Life only comes once, and if we live it with full zeal, once is enough. Life demands to be lived to its fullest. It can be much easier if we replace the negativities with positivities. All we need is to set ourselves to believe that with every passing moment the reduction in our life is leading us to death, so we have to live it, enthusiastically. Because sooner or later, ultimately it will end up leaving behind a body without soul, buried somewhere in the earth. It’s better to avail the given time.

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