Why Dogs Have A Habbit Of Licking Every Thing They See?


Unlike other pets, dogs are the only animals, which makes a personal addicted to them.They are so humble and adorable.Their love towards humans is too high. I personally love to keep dogs at home, as they can be the part of relaxation.I just hate one of their very own habit of licking everything they like or rather we can say that they lick what they see. Their are some very interesting reasons behind this habit of dogs.

Why Dogs Lick Your Feet?

You would’ve noticed that your dog licks your feet after you take bath or when you come back to home after a day full of work. This is because it is too obssesed with the vapours which are left on your foot. Dog also licks your feet because it loves the adour of sweat.

Why Dogs Lick Your Hand?

Dogs usually licks your hands  show love they do with you.They will mostly lick your hands when you will feed them or when you will take care of them.

Why Dogs Lick Their Paws And Private Parts?

You would’ve noticed your dogs licking their private parts or paws .This is the sign of infection they have in their private parts,this shows that your beloved dog needs some medical attention.They also lick their private parts after excreting in order to clean themselves.

Why Dogs Lick The Carpet All The Time?

Another habit of any dog is to lick the carpet.This is not something usually done by these pets but when they do, this means that they have some serious problems. They lick carpets when they are bored or when there mind is full of stress.If your dog has a habit of licking the carpet,you should concern with the doctor as quickly as possible.

 Why Dog Licks Another Dog?

Dog usually licks another dog in order to show some kind of love towards them.This could also be a sign that both the dogs have a strong bond in between them. A dog mostly does this when this pet meets another dog after sometime. This also indicates that it is grooming.

 Why A Dog Licks Air?

You would’ve seen your cute dogs licking the air so much.They do this whn they felt some different taste in their mouth, this can also be a sign of infection in  their throat which causes discomfort.

Why Dog Keeps On Licking You For So Long?

You would’ve noticed that your kind dog keeps on licking you for long time. Sometimes this can become too much for the people, but this is what a dog does when it want to show its gratitude, this makes them to stay with ease and comfort.

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