Double Standards That Prevail Our Society.


I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I came across this news about Australian Women’s Cricket team.

And what shocked me was that it is pretty viral among Pakistani Men right now.

Since I am a very curious person I decided to check what the hype was really about.

Basically it’s a video.

A short video of the Squad in which they are all dressed up and getting of the bus.

And that was it.

Women in dresses getting of the bus.

Australian women cricket team arriving in London Forget the Indo Pak finals on Sunday – I am supporting Australian women cricket team…

Posted by Omer Khan on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Now you ask me what’s there to be hyped about.

I mean it was just a few women getting off a bus all dressed up right?

That’s where you are wrong.

These women were dressed according to their culture.

And since they live in the western society,

They had adorned dresses.

Cocktail dresses to be exact.

Also they were pretty short. (Well they were according to our society.)

One might also say that they were revealing too.

And what happens to men when they see something like this?

They go crazy.

Absolutely crazy.

They will appreciate the beauty.

They will even go like ‘MashaaAllah’.

Even maybe SubhanAllah.

And they will look at the said ladies with kind of lustful eyes.

Now this all must seem pretty offending but that is the harsh truth.

That is how it is.

And that’s where I raise my point.

Why such double standards?

Why do the male population go crazy over these type of dressing when they see other women wearing it?

While they would probably kill their mothers, sisters and wives if they start dressing like this?

I know I know according to Islam us women are like gems.

And gems are supposed to be kept hidden and covered.

But does Islam only apply to the female population?

Are men free from the rules of Islam?

Shouldn’t they lower their gaze when they see something provocative?

This happening has disheartened me to the point that I had to write all about it.

But I really had no intention of offending anybody.

Yes the ladies of Australian women cricket team and truly beautiful even as a girl I can appreciate that.

But that does not mean that we see them as walking meat pieces.

And not give them the respect that they deserve.

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