Every One Should Know An Inspiring Lecturer; Nouman Ali Khan.


A few days back I was talking to a friend of mine.

We were talking about different scholars out there who gave lectures and shed light on the matters of Islam.

Telling us about Islamic rules and sharia.

Also about rights and responsibilities as a muslim.

My mother has been pestering me to learn more about Islam therefore i asked that friend of mine to tell me to somebody who i could listen.

I asked for a suggestion because no scholar or lecturer was able to grab my attention until now.

That said friend of mine suggested me this Islamic speaker.

Nouman Ali Khan. 

Lecturer Nouman Ali Khan is a Pakistani-American Muslim speaker who was born in Germany to a Pakistani Diplomat in 1978.

He is the founder, CEO and lead instructor at Bayyinah, the Institute for Arabic and Qur’anic Studies.

He started his education in Arabic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

And continued in Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan.

He has been teaching Modern Standard and Classical Arabic at various venues for several years and has students nationwide.

Lecturer Nouman lectures internationally on the matters of Tafsir and learning Arabic to understand the Quran.

Also he is the author of  Divine Speech: Exploring Quran As Literature, recently published Revive Your Heart: Putting Life in Perspective and a few other books.

What makes this lecturer inspiring to me is his way of talking.

He talks in a formal yet informal manner which would grab a teenager’s attention instantly.

Nouman Ali Khan is like that one cool teacher every institution has and every student just loves him.

His lectures are in English language and he has a pretty clear accent.

Even his vocabulary is easy to understand.

He gives examples from the things that are going around right now and helps us understand how it is wrong or right.

He makes learning Deen fun and interesting.

Listening to him gets never boring as there are just enough parts to make you smile as there are enough to teach you and help you learn.

I have been listening to Nouman Ali Khan for a few days now.

And i am still hooked to his lecture.

People out there who want to learn more about islam and don’t understand languages like Urdu or even Arabic should listen to him.

I for one can understand Urdu but lectures in Urdu tend to make me sleepy.

Therefore if you want a fun environment yet learn about Deen-e-Islam,

I would suggest you to listen to this amazing lecturer Nouman Ali Khan.

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