Every Pakistani Girl Can Totally Relate To These 10 Weird Moments

Pakistani girl

Life of every Pakistani girl revolves around many weird and awkward moments. Though it’s not the only picture as there are many privileges of being a Pakistani girl as well.

From giving priority and love more than a son to a beti is a true beauty of Pakistani culture. Yes, it’s the same society which loves a daughter alot but at the same time chains her in many restrictions as well, which is an ugly truth of this society.

However, Pakistani girls are not less than any warriors or heroes as they can pass any hurdle as quick as any man.

From tolerating, “when you are getting married?” to “this is a girl’s job to clean,” every Pakistani girl has surely experienced some weird and awkward moments in her life; we have listed few of them.

1. Getting asked, “when you are tying the knot?”

This is one of the most common irritating things Pakistani girls get to hear. The curiosity of relatives in your love life is always higher and they really want to know when you are getting married?

Pakistani girl

2. Rejecting the friend request of a relative

And obviously, we all have some relatives in our family who are too annoying and we can’t take a risk to add them. So, the only option left is to reject their request on every single social media site. A big refusal!

Pakistani girl

3. And blocking the stalker rishtedaar too

But the annyoing rishtedaar just doesn’t stop there and tries to stalk you. This is now really awkward and you can’t do anything but to block him. HA HA HA!

Pakistani girl

4. But when the same relative you blocked asks you why you don’t add him?

And this is the most weird moment when you don’t know how to answer this moron. Like you blocked him and he still dares to ask this question.

Pakistani girl

5. When you hate to be nice with guest’s badtameez bacha

It’s a real struggle when you have to be nice with a guest’s absolutely ill-mannered bacha who keeps on teasing you and you have to reply with an artificial smile. At times, it’s too tough and you might fear of losing control.

Pakistani girl

6. When your mom talks about a guy so much and that too in a nice way

It’s quite alarming for a Pakistani girl if her mom continuously talks about a guy in a nice way. This is indirect way of telling a daughter that you are going to marry this guy and this would be a horror tale for a Pakistani girl.

Pakistani girl

7. You are different in front of bff’s parent and totally different in front of bff

A Pakistani girl is always an epitome of azeemness and a statue of a sharmeeli girl in front of her bff’s parents.

Pakistani girl

But as soon as she is alone with her bff, her inner wild and dramatic girl comes out.

Pakistani girl

8. When mom asks you not to take money from the aunty but you want to, so you end up taking

This happens alot when a rich aunt visits you and always gives you money before leaving but mom has warned you already that not to take a penny from her. But oh, oh! You couldn’t resist to take it and face mom’s wrath later.

Pakistani girl

9. When relatives make fun of you

It’s annoying and weird when you become the subject of fun and jokes in a family gathering. Relatives don’t miss a chance to make fun of your physique, grades and what not?

Pakistani girl

10. Hearing, “just do this after your shaadi”

When your parents delay your some wishes by saying, “ye shaadi kay baad hi karna.” And deep inside you know that they are just indirectly refusing what you want.

Pakistani girl

However, it’s both annyoing and fun to be a Pakistani girl. From doing the dishes to getting men’s turn in long queues; there are both pros and cons of being a Pakistani girl.

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