Every Thing Wrong Within Us


“ Do you realize the wrong in me? Of how I walk or how I read…
Do you realize the wrong in me? Of how I talk or digest my meal…”

In a world full of judgemental yet significant souls, in a world complete of educated yet illiterate young minds, I repost “Everything Wrong Within Us”

Why does a short skirt disturb your mind, for why does a veiled modesty pull to your time ? Why does a fair guy get the front row, for why does a little heighted dark toned suffer alone his time ?
Why does English define his mind, for why does religion state his crime ?
Why does skin colour increase his value, for why does her weight define her artistic theft ?
Why is encouragement so heavy on us, when shoulders and hands should join, why do words just come out to discourage another quiet mind ?
In a beautiful nature provided land, why does a simple smile to a random eye contact haunt our minds ? For when we all know there is no limit to anyone’s success and there is no promised drop down regret to a failure to age of someone’s rest, what has our attitudes our hearts so dull ? Why can a great soul not define importance in front a Monique like figure ?
Why does a judgement pass down on every passing creature while tiring hands still scream for help when only the clean ones, or instead “white ones” would be held ?!
Why in this confused frustrated world do we  wish to conquer peace while we spend so much on our higher educations but fail to correct first our character thieves.
In a world were we want equal rights and desire non violent interactions, a world were we dream of a fresh brightening experience, why do we fail to start within ourselves ? Why do we just speak a voice, update a note, but fail to apply it on our self toads ?
What’s Everything Wrong Within Us ?
When words touch the heart but do not stimulate our minds within… have we lost the battle of recognizing first our souls before counting down to laugh on another joke about him ?!

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