Here Is What Students Should Do In Exams Month


Being a student has never been easy. With continuous hard work and getting to learn things. One’s mind cannot cope up that much pressure especially when the stress of daily life increase with every passing day.

May has always been known as the exam month in Pakistan as pretty much all the educational institutions arrange their exams in this month. Whether it be school, college or universities it’s all pretty much the same.

I, as a student, am going through the same predicament. But along with being a student I work part time as well and hence making it all more than difficult.

But once again that’s what life is.

This exam season I have come up with few of the suggestion for the people suffering like me.

  • Do not take stress:

Try your best not to take stress. Try being the key word because I know how impossible it gets to not to be stressed about your impending doom. But what happens happens. You have already put all your effort all year and now your exam and result are going be a fruit of it.

  • Make a timetable:

Stop being a lazy ass and get to work. Schedule yourself and follow a proper timetable.

  • Get yourself organised

A scattered mind can never study and focus as well as an organized mind can. Let everything around your just happen and organized yourself and your mind for the upcoming exam.

  • Set priority:

There is nothing more important than your studies right now so let everything else take a back seat and let your exams ride shot gun for a while.

  • Get yourself away from all the drama:

Now a days life without some drama is hell boring and one needs drama at least for excitement but for now stop with it. Dramas aren’t worth your time.

These were the few tips I could come with for every struggling student out there.

I know you must all already know them but it feels good to known that there are people suffering from the same predicament trust me I know.

Wishing you all good luck for your ongoing exams or for the exams to come.

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