Exhibition Shows Clothes Worn By Rape Victims To Oppose “You Were Asking For It” View

Rape Victims

When a woman is raped and wants to report it, the first phrase she hears is, “It was your fault as you were asking for it by the kind of clothing you did.” But this exhibition just shut up all the morons of society holding such stupid point of view towards rape victims.

An exhibition named “What were you wearing?” was held in Molenbeek, Brussels showcasing that what rape victims were wearing at the time of sexual assault.

The exhibition contains about 18 outfits which were recreated on the basis of the statements given by the student rape survivors from the Kansas University.

Rape Victims

Rape Victims

It is unfortunate that still in 2018, rape victims are accused of inviting the rapists just because of their clothing instead of blaming the real culprits, the rapists.

This exhibition literally took a big step towards forcefully opposing the extremely retarted perspective that it’s always women’s fault that they are sexually assaulted.

Rape Victims

Rape Victims

Why these people never say that it’s the psychic mentality of the rapist who sees woman as an object to be played with?

Why they never say that it’s the vulgar and filthy mindset and thinking of the assaulter which can’t let woman to roam around freely?

No, they will never say this because this will make a woman free from all the accusations and burdens and kind of give them liberty; which is totally not tolerable by these people.

But this exhibition when showcased the clothes worn by the victims of sexual abuse, it showed that women were wearing absolutely fine clothes and totally complete at the time of sexual assault. From no where, those clothes were “asking for it.”

Rape Victims

Now who was the culprit? Obviously, the rapist. Further, we have recently seen that little girl of seven-year-old Zainab was brutally raped and then killed.

So, there is no excuse left in defence of the rapists as little girls of such minor ages don’t know what is actually asking for rape means and are still raped.

However, the point is to stop blaming the rape victims and instead hold the real culprits responsible for all these vicious crimes and the culprits are no one but the rapists.

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