Expect from No One but Allah, HE will Listen to You Everytime You want To

Cruel reality of society


Ever wondered why an out going & socially confident person is forced to become a loner & reserved person in the same life? A person who has always been socializing, having friends, people all around is forced to become a loner, do you know exactly what point of life is it?

Let me put my thoughts in this regard.

It is the point where that person becomes aware of the evil side of this society, when he comes to know that there are very few people who are loyal to him. When he realize that he’s been listening to everyone’s aches & problems through out his life but when the time comes where he needs people who would listen to him & stand by his side, he become all alone and no good hand comes forward to help him, no open ears seems ready to listen him.
He always guide people around him but when time comes where he needs a guidance, there comes no one for him. *Sigh*

It is the point where a heart starts to wrench , it gets break to the extent that the person decides to keep things within himself. When he realize that he can not connect with such fake people & cruel society.
Some traumatic, heart breaking experiences let him so down, lowers his confidence to connect with people & the point comes in his life when he finally decides to become less concerned about what’s going around.
In the end, he lose his strength to express because he realize that there’s no use of expressing when no one is ready to understand.

PS. Only ALLAH is the one who’ll always listen to you and will bless you, expect from no one but ALLAH, before you realize & regret about the sad reality of the people living here.

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