Which Fawad Khan Character You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign? Find Out With Us

Zodiac sign

To know about your zodiac sign is always fun and exciting. From telling your compatibility with others to your traits, your zodiac sign is always uncovering something new and amazing.

Every zodiac sign has its own charm and qualities that make it unique and different from others in many ways.

Like Capricorns are so hard-working and this makes them successful of the signs. While Virgos are so caring and this makes them lovable in all.

While you read about your zodiac sign almost everyday, it would be fun to relate your star sign with the Fawad Khan’s fictional characters today.

Fawad Khan is obviously a known name in Pakistan and loved by many. It would be exciting to know that his which character is kind of you.

So, let’s find out that which Fawad Khan character you are according to your star sign.

1. Aries: Asher – Humsafar

Going to extremes in love, hate, anger and in every other thing, all Aries out there are so much Asher of Humsafar. Zodiac sign

2. Taurus: Sarmad – Khuda Kay Liye

Being easily persuaded and getting themselves into troubles, many people with Taurus as their star sign are more like Sarmad of Khuda Kay Liye.

Zodiac sign

3. Gemini: Mujtaba – Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha

From being totally naive to having high expectations mostly, Geminis are so like Mujtaba of Kuch Pyaar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha.

Zodiac sign

4. Cancer: Asghar – Akbari Asghari

The ever simple and cute, all the Cancerians are most probably Asghar of Akbari Asghari.

Zodiac sign

5. Leo: Armaan – Armaan

Being very passionate, stubborn and headstrong, all the Leos out there are none but Armaan from the film Armaan.

Zodiac sign

6. Virgo: Jamal – Behadd

Jamal being mature, honest, caring and not at all typical dude seemed like Virgo. So, hey you all the Virgos! You are Jamal from Behadd.

Zodiac sign

7. Libra: Ali –  Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

From not being consistent in their love life to very careless yet sharp and bold, all the people with zodiac sign of Libra are Ali from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Zodiac sign

8. Scorpio: Hassan – Dastaan

Extremely romantic and charming plus very focused and classy, all the people with zodiac sign of Scorpio are Hassan from Dastaan.

Zodiac sign

9. Sagittarius: Rahul – Kapoor And Sons 

Being totally calm and high achievers, all the people with star sign of Sagittarius are Rahul from Kapoor And Sons.

Zodiac sign

10. Capricorn: Vikram – Khubsoorat

From being the leaders of the clan to ever serious, unemotional, bossy with optimistic and realistic, Capricorns are so like Vikram of Khubsoorat.

Zodiac sign

11. Aquarius: Rohail – Ashk

With all the confused state of mind and kind heart, people with Aquarius star sign are Rohail from Ashk.

Zodiac sign

12. Pisces: Zaroon – Zindagi Gulzar Hai 

With great sense of humour and high intellect to having bit of stereotypical views, the Pisces are Zaroon Junaid from Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Zodiac sign

From Zaroon to Asher and from Vikram to Rahul, your zodiac sign has told you that which Fawad Khan character you are and we know that it’s apt.

(Note: This article is just for fun and things mentioned in it might not be true. As the purpose of the article was to just add little fun in your might be boring day, so it should taken like that.)

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