FB Friendship Turned Into Love Story: Finnish Girl Came To Pakistan From Finland, Tied The Knot With Pakistani Guy

Finnish Girl

A 22 years old Finnish girl named Katherine tied the knot with a Pakistani guy named Gulshan Rocks Bhatti who is from Arifwala, Pakpattan, a city of Punjab, Pakistan.

All this started from the great app which Facebook is; the relation between the Finnish girl and Pakistani guy started from their friendship on FB which turned into a love story of the two love birds of Finland and Pakistan.

Finnish Girl

According to the Daily Pakistan, Gulshan Rocks Bhatti, a youngster of Christian colony fell in love with the Finnish girl, Katherine during their Facebook conversations.

Finnish Girl

The youngster of Christian colony got the visa of Finland to tie the knot with Katherine and then brought the girl to his hometown on Sunday.

Katherine reached Pakistan to meet her suitor with whom she decided to change her bond of friendship into a proper martial relationship.

Finnish Girl

While talking to the local journalists, the bride said that she was very content in Pakistan because her in-laws loved her as their own daughter.

The Finnish girl further said that she saw the rich Pakistani culture which made her forget the liberty of Finland, eventually.

Also, Katherine apprised about her love for the delicious Pakistani food; especially the super yummy local melons instantly became her favourite.

However, in today’s technological time, where things take very less time to happen, the Facebook friendships turning into love stories is not a surprise.

Finnish Girl

Most importantly, it’s the commitment of the two people which matters as without it, no relation can survive for a long time.

In this case of Katherine and Gulshan Rocks Bhatti, we can also see the commitment between both of them which made the guy to get the visa of Finland and led the girl to come to Pakistan.

Finnish Girl

We hope that their bond becomes more and more stronger with time and lasts forever with lots of happiness and success.

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