Female Education – A Hanging Matter


All and sundry, be or be not educated, acknowledges the importance of education. It is the most fundamental right of a human recognized globally. Every aspect of society-from religion to culture-is aware of significance of education. So what is education? Multitudinous answers to this question are being secured in belaboured manner by all accounts. It is now an old custom to retort this question. But the critical thinking, writing and speaking over this subject are required in profusion.

Why education? How much education? At what level? What kind of education? What are the advantages of education? These are the easily countable questions but they demand uncountable ripostes. The people for a long time have been responding to these questions. And this will always prevail because these questions are critical-cum-unstable for good.
The disparate question to the aforementioned couple of questions is; “who should be left for education in terms of male and female attributes”? Debates over this question are being aired and written dilatingly on electronic as well as print media respectively. People to some extent go along with the voice as to “female must be educated” and the rest of others completely differ with this phenomenon. Whereas, people are entirely agreed with male education. Thus the objections to greater extent are always against the female education.
The biggest question is; why female education? Securing the answer to this question is something hard nut to crack because this requires a deep study to debate on. Talking over certain discourses, whether in favour or against, is not the subject to only feelings and thoughts but it necessitates the hordes of evidences and the facts in support. Those who go against this phenomenon are mostly uneducated and in support of their views against female education they only proffer raving bonkers. But they do not have any factual statement because, they are stripped of education-which benefits people severely in arguing over some matters. On the flip side, a good deal of religious people also goes against the phenomenon. They irrationally believe that there are some Qur’anic verses available to them in support of their arguments against female education but; in real, there is not a single verse which stands against the respective discourse.

In slum areas, people usually let their girls pursue their studies till to only five classes and then they austerely order them to learn Quran but; striking point to note is that; “how can one get Qur’anic teaching at primary schooling level”? Even preponderance of educated people cannot get its hang accordingly then how a person restricted to only five classes can get it properly? More one gets education more his/her maturity increases. Qur’an can be demystified by great maturity of minds which ripens on the basis of higher education. And the other aspect of this phenomenon is; people strictly bar their girls from going to get higher education but they hardly practise this rule on their boys. Similarly, they ask their girls to learn Qur’an at homes but they do not exercise also this rule on their boys. Why do they ask only girls to learn Qur’an and not to their boys? Learning Qur’an is indispensable to both of the genders as Muslims. But understanding Qur’an without higher education is the task out of question.
In addition, educated people have also puny estimations in favour of female education. They say woman must be educated because an educated woman can easily take care of her home and look after her children after she is married off. It is totally an obnoxious discourse. Because, the history is witnessed that; people as prophets and saints were the children of uneducated mothers. Their mothers had not entered the universities, colleges, schools etc. but were devotees of Qur’an and prayers. And today’s highly educated women cannot bring their children on the right path. It means a child’s well manners, etiquettes, traits and characters do not depend on his/her mother to be educated. Today, there are incalculable educated women who own their children but ill-mannered and not habitual to education as well. Thus, this concept too goes fail.

It is, on the other side, generally said that; education enables people to differentiate the good and bad. Also this view goes irrelevant. Simply, inclusive people armed with education and divested of education know lucidly what is wrong and what is right. It means identification of good and bad does not depend on people to be educated.
However, all the notions prevailing today in favour of female education, thus, have been susceptible. Therefore, the utmost purpose of education, common for both the genders, is to change the mindset of people and according to someone’s reckoning “to replace the empty mind with open one” is the purpose of education in common for male and female attributes.
The modest rejoinder to the question; “why female education” is; education is the be-all and end-all of the rights of females. As Islam also accentuates this model as “getting education is an obligatory for a Muslim man and women”. Answer to afore-depicted question is “female education also comes commonly under the Islamic tradition mentioned above. Although man and woman, being an educated spouse to each other, can know their rights over each other and can fight for their rights even individually. Educated husband and wife can know what rights of their children are fixed upon them. And if any one of the spouses is uneducated, then there ire, abhorrence and misunderstandings may probably rise for good. Any spouse’s being uneducated can devastate mutual understanding which will leave a negative-cum-disgusting effect on a whole family.
An educated woman will choose the honorable job rather than being an uneducated will choose to be maid-servant in the well-off houses. At times, a woman, armed with education, has always right choices. Moreover, a woman, under the aegis of education, can also pass her life without fear or favour and she will observe the world almost exactly in its truest nature. “Why have we stepped in the world” is the real question to which a right answer can exactly be secured under the auspices of education. Thus all and sundry individually has to seek for the right rejoinder to this question but it’s possible when they are educated in a proper manner. Having found this answer, all the hanging questions in the world can easily be answered.

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