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Fries Before Guys, Okay?

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As an avid fries lovers i have always gone by the statement that FRIES BEFORE GUYS!

I mean is there any guy out there better than fries? Absolutely not my friend.

And to be honest even the guys would agree to that.

Fries are loved by people of all ages and all over the globe.

There was time when there were only one or few kinds of fries but now?

Now my friends even fries come in so many shapes and sizes that its so much pressure to choose one type.

I would stare at the menu even when i just have to choose between normal and curly fries.

Hence just imagine what heaven would it be if i had more to choose from?

But Ahhhhh so much pressure too.

I will probably end up ordering more than one type for sure. Because come on guys its FRIES!

There is no such thing as too much fries.

Yes i know fries are oily and will get you fat and stuff but that’s what gyms and jogging tracks are for and fries are totally worth the hard work.

Now a days not only there are different shapes of fries but also fries come as a complete meal.






With so many different toppings and sauces that you will end up licking your fingers and it all still won’t be enough.

Fries are very easy to make and the best snack one could gobble anytime of the day.

Now i am sure this post must have you all hungry and salivating so head out or head to your kitchen and help yourself with some fries.


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