From Stranded To Fix You.


Ever heard Coldplay’s Fix You?

“And the tears come streaming down your face.

When you lose something you can’t replace.’

These lyrics always hit home for me.

As this song has been special for me since the day I heard it.

And now whenever I am feeling blue this is my go to song.


One must ask.

Well this song reminds me how it felt to be stranded.

How it felt to be left all alone when you needed someone to fall back on.

For someone to be just there for you yet you were all alone.

It reminds me how even despite being alone you’ll be okay.

World will not come to an end and you will eventually find your way back home.

It reminds me that if I continue my journey I am bound to find something that will once again breathe life into me.

Once again it will give me a reason to go on.

How despite the bleak situation seems it will all be okay.

I will eventually be okay.

It shows me how it is okay to be weak.

To have that waterfall of tears going down my face.

And yet coming out stronger than before.

There was a time when I felt all alone.

Like I had nobody there for me.

Maybe it’s still like this.

I still do not that have that certain person that I can call ‘My person.’

But that doesn’t mean it all bad.

That doesn’t mean that all is not well.

In my experience I have learned that what being alone teaches you nothing else can.

Whe you are on your own you learn a lot.

You learn to be self-sufficient, you learn to be dependent on yourself.

You realize that only you are your biggest enemy and best friend.

It’s all just you and nobody else.

You become the hero of your own story and the villain too.

And it’s only you who comes on the top.

Whether it being the negative side or positive.

And the best thing about is that you know that this was all you.

You have no one else to blame.

It you who brought yourself to this place.

And if you don’t like it you can always find a way to change it back.

Despite knowing all this I do admit it is a wonderful feeling to having that certain somebody.

It is a blissfully happy feeling to know that you have someone to fall back on.

Yet you need to be prepared for when that person decides to walk away.

And that person will walk away.

You will have to fight your battles all alone.

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