The Frustrations One Goes Through While using Snapchat


Snapchat story: Just last night while trying to snap my crush, I had faced multiple problems. It has been a while since he had sent a snap but Snapchat wasn’t having it or maybe it was an angel who had possessed my phone to stop me from doing haraam things.

BUT this leads me to think of all the things I face while using snap chat. Maybe all of you reading this face them too.

  1. The shutting down.

When you’re trying to take a snap with a filter on but the stupid snap chat shuts down.You know it happens when we’re using an android phone. You try to take a decent pic because you haven’t uploaded one but Snapchat only wants you to post your ugly face.

  1. The accidental touch

Now this usually happens when someone has sent you a snap which is probably of 3 sec or maybe more but as you accidentally touch it, it opens AND replays for the second time but you couldn’t understand what it was or what is said. And then it vanishes just like ethanol vanishes in thin air.                                                                                          

  1. The forgetfulness

That effing moment when you forget what you wrote. Nothing is more frustrating than this. Maybe you’ve just explained a story, maybe you just said something stupid. Who knows? Well no one except the Al-Mighty God up in the seventh sky because I don’t remember what I said as Snapchat erased what I did.                             

  1. The dreaded “opened”

That I-want-to-cry moment when you send someone a chat or snap and the “opened” arrow appears right next to their name, like I’m so effing sorry for having disturbed you with my friends I NEVER EXPECTED YOU TO BETRAY ME WITH SUCH SAVAGENESS AND STABBING ME IN THE BACK WITH A FREAKING BLUNT, RUSTED BUTTERKNIFE AND MAKING ME BLEED. Yeah, it hurts that much.


  1. The “saving”

When you try to save a few sentences so that you don’t forget what you wrote or what the other wrote (again!) but the effing “saved” thing stays for no more than 24 hours like KIA MILA IS CHOBEES GHANTAY KI OKAAT MAIN?!                    

  1. The slipping filter

When you try to look like Kylie Jenner or gangsta with a bomb of the filter but then the stupid filter latches itself to the corner of the curtain you’re standing against coz the design on it looks more of a face than your own face. Yeah, I know, that’s how hard my life is. 

  1. The false sign

I think it happens to most of the android users or maybe iPhone users too, when the app shows a new message or something but when you open it, it shows nothing. Like as blank as the kid in class who’s daydreaming skills are on point (mostly I am that kid but anyway).

  1. The late notification

I have experienced this so many times that if I had a dollar for every time I experienced this I might just be richer than Bill Gates. Nah, no one can beat Bill Gates. Even if they do, they stay on number 1 for only 2-3 hours. But getting straight to the point, I’m talking about the time when your crush snapped you back but you didn’t get the notification because it was late, just like my period, and it shows that he sent it 24 mins ago and now even if you snap him back he won’t reply coz he has got no time for your sorry self. 

9. When you accidentally send a snap to the wrong person


But even with all these frustrations, I still support their CEO Evan Speigel  BECAUSE he knows we are not poor *wink wink*.


Comment below, all the other frustrations you go through while using Snapchat.

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