Funniest Phil Dunphy quotes from Modern Family


This is the time of the week where i want to get all Phil-osophical. Geddit? Geddit? Geddit?

I’ve grown watching star world with master chef and castle and mentalist and what not, however Phil Dunphy still makes me laugh. You’re sad? Go watch Modern Family? You’re upset? Read some Phil Dunphy quotes.

Want to drown your man? Watch Phil Dunphy say silly things.

It is a vasecto-me. Geddit, geddit, geddit?

From now on, whenever my best friend is sad, I’m gonna keep screaming wtf in her face till she gets completely pissed off and asks me why I keep swearing until I say this.

Anyone who was a Hannah Montana watcher wanted to be a popstar who lead a double life. At least I really did. I was also very disappointed when I got to know that Miley Ray is Hannah and she doesn’t really have golden hair.

Anyone who ants relationship advice should go to Phil xD

That’s a big relief to be honest 😀

Surprise, mofo :V

It’s Celine Dion everyone! We’re talking about DION here. The Titanic “My heart will go on” singer.

Life saver everyone!

I’m sorry, I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. I just had to put a great pun from the Puntastic Phil’s pun library.

Oh thank you feeeel



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