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A Gentle Reminder To Everyone Going Through, Life.

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One day you’ll see why you had to go through all of this pain. There will be a day when you won’t know how depression and anxiety feels like. You’ll look back at this day, and remember, remember, how depressed and how anxious you used to be. Worrying about petty little things to deep heartbreaks, from burning your breakfast to lose a close friend. You’ll be proud of yourself that you didn’t give up. You were strong enough to overcome all these fears and to face all the obstacles in the way to your success. It takes time, growing yourself into a better and a strong person takes time but it’s worth it. Eventually, you become immune to all the sufferings you will no longer be crying over little things. Pain changes people, permanently. And it gives you choices, it either molds you into a better and a strong person or it weakens you. Its your choice. I know it takes alot of courage to stay consistent and strong. But once you know how to deal with things on your own, its gonna be easy. And its gonna end, the pain, the sufferings everything is going to end. At the end, everything falls into its place we just have to give it some time. Wait, work hard, stay consistent and same to overcome all our fears, to end these days of crippling anxieties to live a peaceful and a happy life. And one day you will be proud of yourself to never give up. It’s easy to say things like stay strong, let it go, it will be fine. I know, its easy to say it. But the bigger deal is to know that its not easy being a strong person or to let things go or to be fine but still being able to work things out. Because this is life, you trip, you fail!

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