This Brave Girl Has Told The Story Of Harassment She Faced On Tour, Everyone Needs To Appreciate Her


Summer season in Pakistan is the time when we all plan to go on vacations.

Specially people living in the high temperature areas plan to escape to the mountainous valleys.

The low temperatures there is one of the best escape there can be.

For these few months the areas up north are crowded with all kinds of people from all over Pakistan and even the world.

And this bring me to the issue that has risen due to all kinds of crowds.

I was scrolling through my Facebook and came across this post.

It was a post by a girl.

Whose name is MEENAH TARIQ.

What’s so special about this post is that it is an incident that happened with her.

She was on vacations in the northern areas with her husband and friends when she faced this issue.

And its not only her who might be going through this.

Many females that are in the said areas with their families or friends are facing this.

The issue she mentioned in her post makes us realise that despite people being educated there are some people who would never change.

In her post she tell us how some guys surrounded her and started asking her to take pictures with them.

Not only this they kept passing her looks and stopping her path.

Now she was not in a remote area where there were only couple of people.

She was in a crowded place where many people could see this happening with her yet no one intervened.

They ignored this all because it wasn’t their mothers, daughters, sister or even wives.

In her post she describes how embarrassing it was for her.

And how despite telling these guys to go away they just wouldn’t leave.

Take a look at it for yourself.

I want to share something that happened to me recently, and upset me greatly. These guys harassed me at Khunjrab Pass…

Posted by Meenah Tariq on Sunday, July 2, 2017

The guys who did this seem pretty educated to me.

And they all do look like they come from good families.

Yet their minds are pretty much polluted.

I was very disappointed that public and family places like these are not even safe from all this.

Men in Pakistan talk about Islam and respect when it comes to women.

But where does that said Islam go when it comes to the Male population?

Is the religion for female population only?

She even mentions how she was not dressed provocatively yet this all happened with her.

I am ashamed to say that these men are a part of our country and represent us all in some way.

This post is not to scare you girls or tell you to stay at home.

Whether it be girls or boys should explore and enjoy their life to the fullest.

And report if something like this happens to them or their friends.

Maybe this is how these literate yet illiterate people might learn.


We all girls stand by you.

Even many of the male population too.

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