The Good, The Bad And The Lighter Side Of Faizabad Dharna, Exclusively By Pakistani Awam

Faizabad Dharna

For those who don’t have any idea why on earth this Faizabad Dharna happened? Let me fill you up in few seconds.

Actually, days before, amendments were introduced in Conduct of General Elections Order 2002 but were withdrawn sooner, after the objections on the omission of sections 7B and 7C of Conduct of General Elections Order 2002.

These sections are basically related to the status of Ahmadis and replacement of word “oath” with “declare” for the candidates related to khatm-e-nabuwat (Finality of Prophethood) in new nomination papers for newly passed Election Act, 2017.

Section 7B was that, status of Ahmadis will remain same as in Constitution of Pakistan.

While Section 7C stated that if a voter is enrolled and voter’s belief in finality of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWW) Prophethood is different then the voter have to sign and declare it so.

If a voter doesn’t sign it then the name of voter will be removed from joint electoral list and added in the supplementary rolls as a non-Muslim.

Due to the objections and concerns by the political parties over these omissions, the law was restored in its original position.

But the controversy didn’t stop here and leaders like Khadim Rizvi and his followers asked an inquiry in this matter that who even dare to change the laws related to Khatm-e-nabuwat?

Also, they asked for the resignation of Law Minister of Pakistan, Zahid Hamid, for his alleged role in the amendment that stands withdrawn now.

All these happenings led to a huge episode of Faizabad Dharna and further the disorder in the country.

Though Faizabad Dharna is now over but how Pakistani awam reacted to this protest has got three sides; bad, good and lighter.

The Good Side

The good side of Faizabad Dharna is that, clearly a message is given to the authorities that they cannot make any wrong changes in the Islamic laws.

Also, a lesson should be learnt that you cannot go easily with wrongly amending the Islamic laws. Despite you have reversed the amendment, you will be held accountable by people.

After all this chaos, everyone should learn a lesson and better not try to change Islamic laws wrongly.

It exposed how Faizabad Dharna has nothing to do with Army.


The Bad Side

The worst side of Faizabad Dharna is clearly the chaos and violence by the protestors and Government.

The Lighter Side

And how it’s possible that Pakistani Qoum doesn’t make any meme out of any situation. So, unsurprisingly, they made fun and memes out of Faizabad Dharna and it’s leaders too.

VPN jokes obviously.


Haha! Maynn!

Some predictions and analysis too

However, we are glad that everything just got sort out finally and we will be having normal political days without any blockages and sanctions.

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