Government Of Punjab Banned Dancing At School Events And The Debate Is Heating Up


Couple of weeks ago, a famous morning show was banned from showing children dancing, with host Sahir Lodhi becoming the center of the scrutiny. PEMRA took action against the show and the content displayed on it. Today, the Punjab Government has formally banned dancing at various school events, which includes female students. The ban has been imposed throughout the most populated province of Pakistan, both in private and government schools. Even though dancing is thought of as a recreational activity for children, the essence of extra-curricular has been taken out of the context. Any school which does not follow the ban will be fined heavily, even have their licensed cancel.


As per notification issued by the Government of Punjab, “During special occasions, such as competitions, Parents day, Teachers day and even orations there was a custom of students dancing on Pakistani and Indian songs”. Living in the Islamic-Republic of Pakistan, Government of Punjab believes that such activities are against the Islamic rules and regulations and promotes immoral feelings, leading to incidents that cannot be prevented.


The notification further stated that such activities also pull away the children from the religious norms of Islam which levy in the country. Also schools that force children to take part in such activities will also have their licensed cancel.

This is how people have been reacting to the news on social media

All DEO’s (District Education Officers) in Punjab have been directed for strict implementation of the ban in every school of the province. Anyone who violates the rules including officers, teachers and other staffers of schools, will face the heavy fines if rules are broken.

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