A Guy Hasan Ali’s Wallet Was Snatched By A Thief But There’s A Twist In The Story


Karachi is loved for its beautiful & startling customs. We love the taste of food of Karachi which we can find at any corner there. But still there are some facts which haunt Karachiites and the most common is theft of wallets & cell phones.

A very interesting case we have heard about wallet snatching and sorry for being calling this sad incident Interesting but we bet you’d call it same after reading the complete story.


Hasan Ali is a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal whose wallet got snatched.

And the desponant thing is, his many important documents & items went away with the wallet. Moreover, the robber withdrew 1000 Rupees from his debit card.

But this is not what it looks like.

Just after the another day Hasan was informed by Pakistan post through a mail that the thief has sent his documents & memorable things back.

This was unexpected & we feel like not every person is bad by heart tho the act was totally wicked. But we are just shocked to see this, well! the thief too had a heart so he reduced the heavy loss of Hasan.

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