A Guy From Islamabad Proposed The Love Of His Life In An Epic Way & Everybody Was Like “Aww!”


The new phase of life always starts with a proposal which is either accepted or rejected & then both of the lovers get married. Our media has beautifully portrayed such moments into the movies and people actually take inspiration from it.




As Pakistanis are always remembered because of their innovative inventions & trends, a very dissimilar & unique way of proposing has been originated when an Islamabadi Guy proposed his love in restaurant Khoka Khola.




Mr Zubair Khan who is the owner of restaurant posted the story on Facebook.


He was called in the morning and was asked to write Happy Birthday on Butter Chicken. I asked them that I could get you a burning brownie to write on but he refused and hung up. Later he again called & asked “Could you write Will You Marry Me on Butter Chicken? This time I accepted the challenge and went to my chef to tell him whole story. My Chef told it was quite, quite difficult to do so but he would try to write on it using cream & that is how it looked like.

Final Results…….

So then finally when the couple arrived, we served them the food & when the girl looked at the Thalis she started crying & immediately uttered YES!

Perfect! It was a Yes & we couldn’t hold our excitement. Mr Zubair did’t charge for the food & whole staff was the part of this instant.

May the couple live happily ever after & salute to the creativity of chef & amazing idea of that guy who preferred desi food over a dessert to propose his girl.

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