Guys Read It And Teach Your Child About Good And Bad Touch


As you people know about recent rape events that how girls are trapped, blackmailed and get raped. You people know about how to save your child from this but also here is a guide for parents that how to keep your child secure when they steer themselves in such unsafe conditions. Read it and teach your child about good and bad touch along with other sensitive topics that parents normally discuss with their child.

First of all, you must have to do one thing that is to talk gently and smoothly with your child about this and in this way when something like this happens to your child they tell you without no fear. We often tend to scare our child in an attempt in order to protect them but we lost the connection ( trust ) between us. So, it is important to talk like casual conversations with them about such conditions. In this way they will not scared of you and come to you to tell you about.

Teach your child about good and bad touch and show them this video

Children are children, they don’t know about good and bad touch it is your responsibility to teach them, sometimes child did not reach the point that what are you talking about so it is important to go over them again and again, give them examples of such situations like good touch makes you feel happy and bad touch makes you feel unhappy and also create a bad feeling, so that they clearly know about what is good and what is bad.

If you really want to help your child, explain it better and also keep an eye on your child connections whether they are making right connections or not? you can also teach them in a way to tell them a story about this or sing a song for them along with the actions.

This my body song will be helpful for your child

You can also tech them like whenever it happens you can call out for help, tell them about all contact details.


This will understand better how they need to act if they have practiced it previously. these teachings are very useful for your child. Educate your child from young age about how they should not interact with stranger or with someone they are not familier with. teach them that they should not accept gifts from strangers.

Sometimes we see that some parents feel shy to talk about private parts. You must have to identify body private parts so that they know that which parts of body are private parts. In this way children feel easy in talking about it. Make sure that you do not snub their curiosity.  As much as they want to know about their eyes or nose, they will be equally interested in knowing about their private parts.

here is how you discuss about different touches with your child

Must watch and show it to children…

Posted by Muhammad Asif Sherazi on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

now a days it is very important to teach your child about good and bad touch. Think good about your child future. Allah save our all child from child abuse.




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