Happy Birthday To The Mother Living In Heaven. WOW

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Remember around 10 years ago, when I was little, we used to plan your birthday in a very lit way. You teased me to decorate the house with lightings and loudspeakers boasting music on your day, jokingly. And I thought that would be embarrassing. I used to dig my head into my hands and say NO PLEASE. And you would laugh and haunt me the idea of doing so.

But today things have changed so much, I want you to decorate the house with lights and bring loud music. I want to.

happy birthday Maa

I couldn’t care less if people were wagging tongues and leering glances on our choice of celebration. I just won’t.

But I don’t have that smiling face in front of me who would cut her cake. And here am I using the past tense for you, that’s the worst thing. Even the lights I spread in the house won’t lit. Today 22 nd of August, is the most beautiful day ever. The day my mum came to this world.

I.. I would grapple you with all of my might and wish you Birthday.

Happy Birthday, MAA. 💋

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