Being Harassed for clothing choice, Whats Wrong with our Society?


Even in this modern day, people think that its their right to comment about other’s business whether it’s a life style,clothing choice or anything.

In Pakistan,it’s men’s dear hobby to comment on how girls dress where clothing is solely a personal matter but what they don’t get is that this is harassment. A girl who was subjected to this harassment took to twitter to express her views over the subject.

This girl, Minahil,told about how she started wearing hijab when she was a mere 13 year old and how she was publicly harassed by a man in the bazaar.

The tweet thread is as follows:

Here she tells about an unpleasant thing she had to endure because of the uneducated state of mind of our men.

These kind of incidents are sure to serve as a huge blow to the confidence  and self esteem of a 15 year old.

This tweet of her explains how  even her scarf could not protect from the hungry predators of our society


She says she changed and she changed for better and now the new her knows how to deal with the crooks and teach them a lesson.

She also feels at loss for words and needs answers to give to her 15 year old self which was harassed and due to which her confidence shattered at that time and how girls can be protected from the sexual harassment. Not only her, all girls need answers to these question. She raised the question but every other 15 year old is in the search and need of answers to these questions!

She also raised a question on a important issue about how girls are not even safe in the territory of their own house. This topic is in desperate need to be addressed and it should be highlighted.

Kudos to her to take such bold step and these statements coming from a young girl,this courage need to be praised.

She also said a verse of poetry in the honour of the hungry beasts of our society and also said that how intolerant the people of Pakistan are when it comes to facing the truth because truth is bitter.


Many people spoke out in her favour and appreciated her for taking a step like this.

the tweet says it all!

Islam also teaches men to lower their gaze and not only for women to cover up! Islam teaches to respect women and rules are not made only for women.

Here are wise words coming from  a wiseone saying calling these people a lion is an insult to the King of Jungle who is the symbol of bravery and pride!

There were also some narrow minded ignorant people who replied to her tweets only to criticize her and highlight where the real problem resides that is in the head of these kind of negative people.

Calling someone who was harassed and expressed her point of view doesn’t make her a troll!

This mentality leads to honour killings and is the real problem that should be rectified.

Another one because giving opinion is free. So, why not?


This one also tried to school her about WHICH TYPE of burqa she should wear. Trying to be her Dad but dude wont lower his gaze!

Yeah, girls should be kept in the confines of their house always. This is mentality is the reason Pakistan is not a developed country.


Every one has their own opinion But we should focus only on good and what can bring a positive change in our society. women should be left alone when it comes to the clothing choices she makes.

She is a very  brave girl to talk about this taboo topic and is not only pretty in her hijab but also without it. Because the most beautiful things a girl can wear are her smile and confidence which both she got . We need more people like her.



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