Have Mercy On Them


“You are moving so upward!! Ahan no way, I can’t see you flying high. My hatred and jealousy does not allow me to see you like this.” A deep thought that jumps inside most of the hearts when they see someone moving toward success. These are the people who are suffering from the Envy disease

Living with people who don’t hiss but call you bro, dude, sis, babes or friend is so dangerous. Even cancer is less harmful than these sick people.

“OMG!! Are you studying media? Listen! Good people don’t want such media girls as their daughter-in-law.”

“What? Are you going to continue your job after marriage? Babes man wants kids, so no good husband will allow this. Just think about it again.”

What? Are you becoming an artist? Bro you are a guy! You need to run a house. Hahah may be one day you’ll start begging on roads because this field has no scope.”

“Don’t tell me!! You wrote this article? Hahah you must have copied it from somewhere.”
All these sentences are much familiar for all of us. We are surrounded by people who live in their own envy, people who are feeding their hearts with jealousy, bitterness and enviousness and just can’t mind their own business, they can’t understand that it takes guts to write a single word. They might be much interested in your work than their own and just want you to let down by saying sneer and barb.  You need have mercy on them.

Because they can’t see beauty in their own lives so they want your life to be ugly, for that they start demotivating you, try to compress that thought or idea that can bring you to the sky, they just can’t motivate and appreciate you for any reason even it does not take much more for anyone but you need to have mercy on them.

They are suffering from a dark disease, their bitterness and discontent is eating them inside. And the only cure is ignorance. They badly need this cure. Ignore them, ignore their sneer and taunts, ignore their mockery and do what your heart says, because you need to have mercy on them.

Your ignorance will help them to get over from your life and enhance their interest in their own lives. And soon they will recover from this dark disease. Because they need to have mercy on themselves; and one day they’ll be able to appreciate your efforts.


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