7 Times it Shows that He Is Not into You the Way You Want


He is just not that into you.

Yes, it is the name of a movie I really like but the title states something different.

On the third day of fast, I woke up at 10’o clock in the morning, seven hours after Suhoor. I woke up because of a Ding! Sound made by my phone. It was my Snapchat notification. It indicted that my crush had messaged me. I was very happy because it was the fourth time in my life that he messaged me first. Yes, I count how many times he messages me first. However, I didn’t open it at that exact time. I wanted to show him that I’m a busy person and that I am not always free even though it was the total opposite of that.  After spending a few minutes in desperateness I finally opened my Snapchat to see what he had snapped.

Turns out, he needed the details regarding our university presentation. To say I was disappointed is the understatement of the century. But because he as my crush, I happily gave him all the details. As I scrolled through my Snapchat stories, I realized, he had seen all of my stories. He had also wished me Ramadan Mubarak after I had wished him. Usually he was the one who kept me on seen but he replied after two or three days. He also usually ended the conversation himself

And here I was getting all giddy that he likes me. But when night fell and I came into my overthinking mode, I realized that it was in fact the opposite. He always put me on seen. He always replied late. He always ended the conversation.  He watched all my Snapchat stories but never replied to them. I was the one who added him on Facebook first. I remembered to wish him on his birthday, whereas he asked my birthday, and also saw it on Facebook when my birthday arrived but still didn’t wish me.

He had told me he was single. He also told me he had no crush. Now I was getting angrier and angrier by every thought that popped into my mind. “I’m never going to talk to him.” Is what I had promised myself.  I didn’t message him this time for three days. On the fourth day, I was nearly over the crush when again his message came. All my anger vanished. His message was a thank you in reply to my sent messages of all the presentation details. And again being the idiot I am, I replied in three seconds, no mercy.

Yes I hate myself too.

But the point is, we girls need to stop judging a guy if he likes us or not by his virtual interactions, such as through SMS, snaps, Insta messages, Insta likes etc. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. He may have liked your pic on Instagram like he usually does on all other posts on Instagram. Just like we all randomly double tap posts on Instagram. Unless it’s the girl we hate
  2. Same is the case with facebook pics.
  3. If he texts you first, it is most probably because of something he needs or maybe he is just bored and no other person is around to answer his texts and he knows you reply him fast. So he is basically using you for entertainment. It could also be a mass text/mass snap.
  4. A retweet is probably because he relates to your tweet or he likes it. Not because he likes
  5. He probably watches all your Snapchat stories just like we all watch everybody’s Snapchat stories when we’re bored.
  6. Stop analyzing full stops and exclamation marks. A full stop doesn’t always mean that he is angry or not interested. An exclamation mark doesn’t always mean he is excited or interested in you.
  7. If you have analyzed a text wrong, do not send a stupid text where you express your anger. chances are, he will be very confused

When all this happens and he still doesn’t ask you out, you worry why he doesn’t, because he usually is very active on social media.

Remember, it is not wrong to chase after a guy, but stop obsessing over texts and social media interaction. The usual case is, he is just not that into you.

And also, if someone did really like you, to the level of wanting to marry you, he will come to you with great effort himself. You will not have to exhaust yourself with chasing a guy. He will come to you and ask your hand in m a r r i a g e.


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