He Went Inside The Burning Building – JANAAN Movie Review


The film janaan is basically focused on pakhtoon culture. It starts where Meena (Armeena) wakes up for her last exam. Meena who basically belongs to a pukhtoon family lives in Canada for her studies, her family lives in Sawat, Pakistan including three of her cousins Palwasha, Asfandyar and Daniyal. She has to go back to her family for her cousin palwasha’s wedding. Meena’s father goes to the airport with asfandyar to receive her where she does not recognize him , mistook him as a cab driver and asks him to hold her luggage (seriously! What happened to the internet in Canada). But surprisingly recongnized everyone else when reaches home.

Upon her arrival everyone greets her. Palwasha takes her to a separate room immediately and starts telling about her love story with sameer (palwasha’s fiance). Who belongs to a punjabi family and all the drama that occurred because of that and that’s where a series of pathetic comedy jumps in (nahiiiinnnn).

Palwasha’s mom and Chachi crying after meeting Sameer

On the other hand Daniyal who arrives from Islamabad with his parents starts showing interest in Meena, in fact he shows interest in every other girl around him. Later on everyone started telling her how elegant decent and great Asfandyar is and she started falling in love with him (what an interesting turn of events). Daniyal also took her to the school which asfandyar runs for the under privileged class of Sawat (good move).There they meet Ikramul haq who is an old family friend and helps Asfandyar a lot with school matters.

One day Meena tried to crack a nut through her teeth but as a result of that she had to go to a dentist with the one and only Asfandyar (duh!) where doctor does her root canal after giving her anesthesia and she acted like a total drunk and indirectly tells Asfandyar how she wants to be proposed. (whaaat .. seriously!).Horrible comedy indeed.

On her wedding anniversary Daniyal’s mother (chachi of Asfandyar) constantly spies  on Meena and Asfandyar.

So the marriage functions begin and on palwasha’s mehndi night one of the servants (chotu) told Asfandyar that ikramul haq is abusing children at his school. Asfandyar could not control his anger and slapped ikramul haq in the face. Everyone got mad at him and that’s where exactly Daniyal’s mother jumps in making the situation even worse by reminding everyone that Asfandyar is actually adapted and not their blood (ugh Asfandyar’s expressionless acting ) . His heart was broken but Daniyal consoles him. Asfandyar’s dad talked to him and decided to stand against ikram ul haq. Ikram ul haq and his guys threatens their family but didn’t do anything until palwasha’s barat night, they shot chotu (the servant) who was also a witness against Ikram ul haq in the child abusing case and burned the school to ashes. Asfandyar meena and daniyal arrives at the building and Asfandyar ran towards the burning building and went inside and saved every child inside it (just kidding there were no children inside).

Asfandyar running towards burning building

After one month exactly Meena is teaching the children of Asfandyar’s school. Daniyal comes to pick her up and towards the court where Iqram ul haq is being sentenced and the people have turned against him. She demands to go to the graveyard where Asfandyar is standing on chotus grave. (how did he came back alive out of a burning building? Still a mystery). Meena wants Asfandyar to confess his love for her (ajeeb zabardasti hai). She proposes to him herself and says that her dreams are with Asfandyar and she is not going back to Canada. The movie ends on a good note.

I would like to highlight some major flaws that annoyed me the most:

  1. The story was good but not strong enough, they could have made it stronger and better.
  2. Acting was in fact very weak and expressionless; I don’t know if its bad direction or those actors just really don’t not know how much acting is important to make any movie a big hit.
  3. The producers and writers they wanted to show pure pakhtoon culture, instead they only focused on pushto language.
  4. It’s a good thing that they tried to add some humor in it but they failed in doing that too most of the jokes were totally lame and had nothing to do with reality.

It seems like they did not think this through. The direction, acting and dialogues are very poor and weak.

The good story could not get my proper attention because I was being distracted by poor acting skills, dialogues, fake English accent and lame jokes.

I would give this movie a 2.5 out of 5


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