Here Are All Those Celebrities Who Reacted On Meesha Shafi’s Accusation.


After Meesha Shafi accused All Zafar for sexually harassing her, a lot of people took to social media to react on it and share their own views. Some of them stood for Ali, some supported Meesha. Few people came up with questions and some shared their own experiences of harassment. Twitter flooded with the #Metoo and the thoughts regarding Meesha’s accusation.

Here’s the accusation by Meesha.

To which Ali Zafar responded.


Now the chain of tweets started and everyone was putting statements one by one over this topic.


Mahira khan asked the trolls to stop blaming the victim.


Hamza Ali Abbas used reference of Islam.

Armeena with her point.

— Armeena Khan (@ArmeenaRK) April 20, 2018


Sonya Hussyn’s point.

#stopjudging Cheers 💕

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Reham khan also didn’t keep silent and broke it in favour of Meesha.



Maya Ali’s reaction.


I’m not here to say who is wrong and who is right or who did what and who didn’t… Let’s say, I haven’t known him for long, but I have been working with him since 1 year, we shot our film in Lahore and then we were all together in Poland to shoot the rest of the film and I never ever got any kind of that vibe from him… I always found him talking to his wife and kids on FaceTime and this made me a fan of him, because he would always share his good and bad moments with his wife and family… When we were on set or in any restaurant with the whole team he would always make sure that he was sharing these moments with her… I am not judging anyone nor giving any clarification on anyone’s behalf, and we can’t judge the one side of a book… I respect this man @ali_zafar and want the truth to come out, until then we shouldn’t judge anyone’s character…🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Urwa was at Meesha’s side.




On which side are you?

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