Here’s How You Can Let Go Of A Person Who Doesn’t Love You Back


Loving someone and not getting the same back is for sure a painful experience. When you love someone, you eagerly want to get the love of same intensity back from that one person but things don’t always go the way we want.

Unrequited love is certainly a depressing and distressing feeling that hurts the person so deeply and it becomes almost impossible to move on, to let go.

But at times, the person you are in love with tries to use you for their purposes and throw you away when the need is fulfilled. And the devastating part is you can’t even despise them then too, you keep on loving them.

But enough of ruining yourself for someone who doesn’t even think of you. Just learn with us today how to let go of a person who doesn’t love you back by these not-so-easy ways.

1. Admit that this is just one-sided and will remain yak-tarfa no matter what

This feeling of yours towards a particular person will be one-sided and the one you feel for will never fall for you; realizing this fact and then admitting it is the most important step towards letting go of a person you are obsessed with. You need to stop this obsession from becoming more greater and intense.


2. Try to keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy is the most essential and useful step as it always works. Try to keep yourself busy as much as you can; find some hobby or a job. Indulge yourself in healthy activities; this practice will divert your mind from the thoughts of the person you love and will help alot in letting go of your obsession.


3. Ignore the thought of that person even

It’s important to ignore any thought which connects with that specific person. This will one day make you leave that person behind for sure.


4. You can’t change the reality, just accept this

Realizing and finally accepting the fact that you don’t have any magic wand that will turn the things in a way you want is extremely important. This will make you more practical and realistic and consequently, heal you.


5. Try to talk about your pain and feelings with someone you trust and who is your well-wisher

Sharing your feelings with trustworthy people around you always proves to be effective in moving on and forgetting the pain. Try doing this and you will feel better naturally.


6. Avoid the person you love and try to stay away from that person as much as you can

In order to make your efforts of letting go of work, try to stay away from that person as much as you can. Yes, this is tough and painful but in order to prevent yourself from getting more hurt, you have to do it.


7. Things take time so be easy on yourself

Great things take time to happen, so no need to get stressed as you will overcome all this one day; just be strong and consistent.


8. Try to make new friends and meet new people

Meeting new people gives you good experiences and diverts you from the past’s toxic memories. Just make sure that you meet good and positive people.


We agree that letting go of a person you love is just way too hard but if the person doesn’t love you back then it’s better to let the person go of as soon as you can.

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