If You Hide Your Depression Then You Might Have These 8 Habits


Depression is the worst feeling anyone can experience in his whole life because it can exhaust a person from inside completely and one is not able to do anything with complete attention.

Depression is as bad as mental sickness as it stops your mind to work or concentrate on any other thing properly.

One keeps on thinking about how to get rid of this depressed feeling and life. You cry alot, you think alot, you wish alot but things remain unchanged.

Depression can ruin lives if people don’t handle it well with all the positive measures. But being depressed, one hardly can focus on positive things actually and negative thoughts strike the mind more often.

But worst of all is suffering from depression in silence and not sharing it with anyone; like hiding it from others so that no one can come to know that how you feel and why.

So, if you are among those who hide their depression, then you might possess these mentioned eight habits and to be honest, it’s a dilemma for you.

1. You spend most of the time alone

You prefer to be alone most of the time and avoid to get social. You can be alone for a long period of time and will not be bothered by it.


2. You always have reasons

You always have “cover up” stories and you can give others reasons of your every behaviour. You can always tell others that why you are not eating or hanging out but if one can notice clearly he will come to know that you are faking it.


3. You try to look “too happy” to hide your depression

You have this habit of showing to look like more and more happier when you are actually not, just to conceal your depression. You do try to look too happy but deep inside you are the unhappy one.


4. You are always ready to help others to go through tough times

You understand others’ pain so well and are always ready to help others to go through their tough times. You are always there to offer any kind of help and make sure that others are okay no matter you are badly broken deep inside.


5. You cry alot when alone

You have this habit of crying alone and in silence because of your grief. You can’t control it when alone and cry it all in your own company.


6. You hide your emotions

You master the art of hiding your emotions and that’s the reason too that you can hide your depression so well.


7. You lose interest in things you used to like once

It becomes your habit that you start losing interest in things you used to like once and you cut yourself from the environment around and get into isolated world of your own.


8. You don’t have normal eating and sleeping habits

Being depressed, you remain disturbed always and when you hide the depression from others you keep on getting lost in your own world. This develops strange sleeping and eating habits in you. You don’t eat or sleep at time and consequently, your health suffers.


However, people who hide their depression probably never want to disturb others with their painful tales and they end up keeping everything inside them.

For coping with depression easily, these people should share their stories with trustworthy people around them in order to move on easily and everyone around them should also try to detect their depression and help them out for their betterment.

Most importantly, we all have Allah and we should pore our heart out to Him during (both) depressing (and blissful) days as this always works positively.

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