Hijaab v/s Turban – The Love Story


She texted him. Hey I liked your song. Then waited for hours, Days, Months. No reply.

When something clicked your mind, it took time to forget until a new thing comes in your life. This is human nature. But the level of extremism varies. And she was on the peak of extremism either she is in craze of her favorite subject ‘Marketing’ doing work at office, or She is showing her love to Allah. And here is unique creature of God, Man. He is the guy having melodious voice and a sharp parrot nose but with Turban. Here comes the conflict which remains in our ancestors, The India Pakistan War!

She started liking him more, prayers increased by time. It was a sunny morning, sitting on window seat of public bus, phone beeps with a message. Sastriakal Girl, thank you for liking my song. And here started a new relationship, Complete mix of friendship, love, likeness, time, age, long distance and religion! Does it matter to be reserved in the wall of religion when you like someone? When she is doing it can’t be simple & ordinary love. Extremist she is!

Time passes, Her Hijab, Faith and prayers for Allah strengthen more as she was in love with Him. He cares, he calls, he actually started loving that Hijabi girl. But her hijab and his turban remains there. Religion is so economic thing when people living with faith and peace I think yes, it doesn’t matter, except for Muslims. Why for Muslims because they believe in After life. She believes in but He do not. This is the point of clash.  We can fight with country Rules, we can fight with cultural traditions, we can fight with religion, but can we fight with our self?


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