Hillary Clinton Has A Message For Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi

Hillary Clinton, the famous American politician sends a video message for Shahid Afridi, the very known man of Pakistan, to show support for him.

Actually, it’s about Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) which was established in March, 2014. The foundation works for providing relief to the Pakistan’s people by giving them better education and health care services.

Shahid Afridi

So, in a video message for Afridi, Hillary Clinton has not only praised the Pakistani cricketer but also wished him best for the foundation.

She said in the message, “Thank you for that very nice message that your friend and mine, John, delivered to me at our event today. I wish you the very best!”

Shahid Afridi

Few days before, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau also extended support to the Shahid Afridi Foundation and requested the nation to contribute towards the Pakistani cricketer’s charitable cause.

Shahid Afridi

And now it is great to see that the famous American politician, Hillary Clinton has also extended her support for the Afridi’s noble cause.

Also, Afridi has thanked Hillary for her support as he tweeted the video of the American politician with caption, “Thank you Hillary Clinton for supporting the cause of humanity and your best wishes. Together we all are #HopeNotOut”.

Anyways, it is always good to see when the known personalities of the country devote themselves towards performing such great tasks for the sake of humanity.

Both education and health are basic facilities and it’s literally remarkable that Afridi is playing his role in providing these facilities to the people.

Shahid Afridi

We have seen Imran Khan serving the humanity before as well as he aimed to build the cancer hospitals in this country and achieved his goal successfully.

And now it’s amazing to witness Shahid Afridi working for the noble causes. This will not only make our society a progressive one but will also brought ease in the lives of the people.

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