Hindi Medium-An overview.


Saba qamar is a name not unfamiliar in the acting industry. From “Pani jesa payar” to “Besharam” and her marvelous acting in the drama “Daastan” she has won many hearts with her exceptional acting skills and has also shown superb talent in dancing as well.
This year however her debut film with Irrfan Khan is a comedy film.
Irrfan khan is an Indian actor with great acting and just before the premiere he has won many Pakistani hearts by imitating “aunty gormint” who has now become a national meme.
He looked really cute imitating her, however many say that it is to grab Pakistani attention, whereas the rest say he genuinely liked aunty gromint.

Now talking about the movie, it is called “hindi medium” which is written by Zeenat Lakhani and directed by Saket Chaudhry and is a remake of the film “Salt Mango Tree”.
This film also happens to be an exact copy of the Bengali film, “Ramdhanu”.This film was released on 19 may 2017. From the name one can guess that the film is about person/persons who only know how to speak hindi and don’t know how to speak in English.
The couple both studied in hindi medium schools and ant their children to study in the top five schools of the country. The film is about their struggle to get their daughter in one of the top schools while preparing themselves to give interview in English by the help of a tutor. The movie ends with a beautiful message of what education really means.

The five songs in the movie are as follows: “suit suit”, “hoor” “oh ho ho” “ek jindari” and “Fakiri”. The song “Hoor” is sung by our very on Atif Aslam which is something to look forward to. As for the song “suit suit” it is sung by arjun and guru randhawa, the song “oh ho ho” is sung by sukhbir and ikka singh. The songs “ek jindari” is sung by Taniska and “fakiri” is sung by Neeraj Arya. Hoor by Atif Aslam, which plays during the opening credits, is a melody that complements the mood of the moment, while Suit Suit by Guru Randhawa Ft. Arjun is a number fitting to be blared out of SUVs.
Saba Qamar’s role in the film is of Raj’s (Irrfan Khan) wife. According to Irrfan Khan, “The role demanded someone with beauty and humour. She did justice to the role and in the process of shooting the film, she also enjoyed herself thoroughly”, But this just what Irrfan Khan has said. According to the indian as well as Pakistani audience who have watched the movie, it is a film worth watching. People say that they love Saba Qamar’s role which is of “Mitthu” who aspires to be an elite class lady. It is a clean movie and is fit for all age groups so it won’t be a problem for families to watch it with their children. Even though many Indian people say it would have been better if an Indian actress had co-starred along with irrfan Khan, it is still impossible for them to not praise our very own Saba Qamar.

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