His Realization Of Humanity

Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/man----91227/

Mitch lived in an orphanage, since the death of his parents in an appalling road accident, and now he had been living there for 12 years. All the children’s along with Miss Cynthia and Mr. John (the housekeepers) were sitting perturbed on a bench and were shivering due to cold. Mitch was absorbed in his own world of thoughts, he had been missing the arches of doorways, doors of the timber, their musty smell because of their old age and the floorings which he loved more than anything. The sad face of Miss Cynthia and her words were still flashing in his mind. Miss Cynthia came near to him and said “This had to happen since we had been out of funds to pay the rents and certainly a shopping mall would be more beneficial to the authorities than our orphanage was.”
Mr. John come towards them and whispered in Miss Cynthia’s ear “ I didn’t get any place, we have to spend this freezing night under this bare sky”
They all laid down on the ground, some of them were stargazing with their wet eyes and some of them were already slumbering, as night was getting dark, the cold was fighting to its peak and due to fog it was difficult to even recognize someone standing near. As everyone suffered to sleep the blur headlights of a white Audi woke Miss Cynthia up, as the door of the car opened an old lady stepped out and asked Miss Cynthia “Who are you young lady and what has brought you all to this situation? ” Miss Cynthia teared up and told her everything.
The lady willingly offered them part of her bungalow and assured them no rent. She instead asked them to be her helping hands in her daily work. Miss Cynthia was relieved to know that humanity existed and she assured the old lady with her sincere and grateful regards.
When the children heard about their new place, their ravishing smile which had disappeared, appeared back.
After two days of shifting the owner of their previous occupation had come to a visit. Children were agitated and didn’t want to talk but Miss Cynthia advised them to “ forgive and forget the bad. We should always learn from the past and hold onto the good.” and so the kids welcomed him with ecstasy. He apologized and told them how he felt repentant. Since he had been harsh with the innocent ones, his path had completely took a back step and he had been suffering within his guilt. So he apologized offering them their place back.
To that day, Mitch realized what humanity meant and how it worked. An apology wouldn’t cause him much and rather sooth the owners guilt.
Humanity doesn’t count personal benefit, rather personal characteristics and peace of mind. Mitch realized, valuing humanity was a better ultimate goal than valuing the little things he had been missing his entire life.

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