Hockey : A Long Forgotten Nationalism !


I live in Pakistan a country which doesn’t pay attention to any other sport but cricket and every single young man wants to be a cricketer … but is there someone who wants to join our hockey team as well ????.

The Love for hockey has been genetically transferred to me and I have been following it since my childhood so I keep up my pace with the national game.

The day when Pakistani cricket team  defeated India with a great margin of 180 runs in the finals of Champions trophy everyone was so happy in celebrations that they even forgot that we have been defeated by the same rivals  in a pool match  in  Hockey world league but no one was ready to pay attention as we considered it a normal thing just like the way we lost our group match against them  in cricket but somehow managed to reach the finals and then winning the title eventually but watching hockey’s current situation one can claim that  miracles don’t  happen easily .

As I am writing these lines Pakistan hockey team would be playing the Quarter Finals with Argentina on Thursday and in order to be among top five teams in World cup 2018 it must beat the opponents.

Our hockey team has been in hot waters since long and we have not won any big event from long time except the gold medal  in South Asian games back in 2016. Our team has not even participated the  world cup since 2010 which is really disturbing .

Hockey ..Our national game is suffering mainly due to the incompetency of the officials and lack of support from the govt as well as people.

The funds are being looted and no proper training is given to our players in an era when international players are being trained with the latest techniques and they have greater stamina to play this tough game as compared to our players. No one in Pakistan is ready to take interest in it as the game is not so “trendy”, doesn’t involve “big money prizes” and have almost “no recognition” which is really injustice to this beautiful game.

Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed the secretary general of PHF  is with the team in UK these days  . The former captain of the squad who won the world cup title for us back in 1994 said that  “ Our team just don’t know  what hockey to play .. our simple hockey is useless ,” confessing indirectly the lack of ability to perform in big events with the methodology of stone ages.

We also doesn’t have enough coaches who are willing to render their services for the team and young talent if there are any ,they would like to go abroad and provide services to the leagues or any other teams but Pakistan.

We once were considered impossible to be defeated , Pakistan has produced many top names in hockey like Kaleem ullah Khan ,Shahnaz Sheikh, Sami Ullah , Hassan Sardar, Tahir Zaman, Shahbaz Junior, Waseem Ahmad and Sohail Abbas the penalty corner specialist we have defeated every toughest team in old times now this game of ours needs to stand up on its feet again and be in the top rankings hopefully  and this game needs our love just like any other one .

Pakistani hockey team which is on 13 rank must bring a major upset to the tournament by defeating the number 1 ranked team Argentina on Thursday in order to be in the world cup and for this our prayers and well wishes are needed to buck up the team we must not forget that  hockey is a  technical game  and requires strong nerves to  play  so,  we must keep our fingers crossed and Wish them a big success and may cricket take some credit for this win hopefully !!!!

May Pakistan come up with bright colors in this tournament as well my message to the team is

do  remember “ Jo Nahin ho sakta wohi tu karna haye” …Long Live Pakistan and Long Live our National Game .

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