Hope. Expectations.


Us humans have weird habit of hoping, expecting and looking forward.

Yes we often say that its hope on which the world stands.

But what use is the hope that will only be crushed the next second.

You hope. You expect.

And every damn time you invest yourself into something but it comes tumbling down.

No matter how hard you try to keep it standing.

It falls.

And when it falls it does create a huge impact.

An impact that is deeper than any scar.

Yet the next moment once again you start hoping.

People say that expectations hurt.

One should stop expecting.

But answer me this.

Is it really that easy to stop expecting?

To just stop expecting when that certain someone keeps giving you crumbs that you are surviving on.

No it’s not.

It is not easy to expecting because those crumbs at a certain time seems more than enough.

Those crumbs seem like more than we deserve.

And don’t we all settle for the things that we think we deserve?

Every day you wait up for one text.

One look from that person you are cushing on.

A single proud look of your parents.

Look of love from somebody.

But it doesn’t happen.

Everyday you put yourself through the pain of hoping and expecting with no reward.

But then one day it happens.

It finally happens.

That text comes through.

Your crush smiles at you.

You parents look proudly at you.

And you even get that look of love.

That my friends make it all worth it.

It makes all the pain and hurt that you went through worth it in the end.

And helps you hope again.

Seems like a vicious cycle doesn’t it?

Well that just how it is.

That’s just how the life goes on.

And that’s how you keep living.

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