Horrible! Stage Dancer Sitara Baig Gang Raped In A Hotel Room


Cases of violence against women in Punjab grasp amplified by 12 percent, according to Punjab Commission on the grade of Women report.


Sadly, today nobody is safe and women are becoming victim of sexual abuse with higher ratio. Something very saddening happened with the famous stage dancer, Sitara Baig who is raped by group of 8 unknown men in a hotel room, Johar Town.


According to the resources, she was leaving just after her Gujranwala Show when Ali Nasir (A person who asked her for a show in Dubai) called her at almost 10 pm and asked her to sign the contract and receive the amount from his personal assistant named Atif.

As she went to see Atif in a hotel room in Johar Town, she was served dinner and drink after getting her amount of 1.5 lacs for Dubai’s show. Something strange was dissolved in the drink because of which she fainted out, after which she was gang raped.

She also added that her all cash from Gujranwala show, her jewellery and her cell phone, plus those 1.5 lacs given by Atif and him both were not there when she woke up in the morning. Everything was gone while she lied naked on the hotel room’s bed.

Police is investigating about the whole case while the medical tests of Sitara Baig are also have been collected.

We hope the rapists would be caught soon by police and Sitars Baig would get justice.


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