How do we figure out ourselves?


Figuring out who we are and what we want out of life is very arduous especially when you deflect off the course of self exploration and self acceptance. Eventually life smacks us in the face enough times that we are forced to accept the truth, that we are totally lost on the route to discover ourselves. In that moment there comes a point where we have to relinquish to something much bigger than our individual selves, and we initiate this journey again, but only this time we are present, we are tuned in to what’s up and we are ready.

The path to figuring it all out requires a determination to stay committed to the trail, to hang on and keep moving forward, even when it gets tough, which it does. We travel to our darkest depths inside ourselves and see everything we have hidden, covered up, locked and repressed. It all surfaces and it’s a wild ride but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, our perspectives about our selves and this life shifts tremendously and open the doors for some miraculous opportunities, love and peace. I learned some of these lessons the hard way but once I learned them life became a lot clearer and the road wherever I’m heading piqued by becoming effortless and enjoyable in more moments. There are still times that arise which aren’t so picturesque, I’m just better equipped to ride that rocky wave and remind myself to settle into what I know. When we are constantly overwhelmed by our insecurities, the light of our authentic self does not shine and it’s that light that draws in every person experience, and opportunity that aligns with our true happiness, so resolve to make peace with who you are. Drop expectations of what you want, how you think someone should behave and the order things need to happen. Find lesson in everything, tough challenges force us to unravel the layers that cover our authentic selves. Plus use everyone as a mirror, if you allow yourself to recognize in other people that which exists within you, you’ll become aware how to and where to shift. That how you can discover yourself deep down.

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