How The Film Industry Has Effected Our Youth


The phenomenal growth of science and technology during past few decades gave a great boost to the development of film industry. “What is seeing is believing” can be best promoted through this medium as a film in particular has great psychological effects!

Let’s begin with some films which have good impact on our youth.

  1. Taare Zameen Par has given a way how dyslexic child should be treated and how could we overcome it.
  2. NAYAK was a film that marked ideal lessons for the politicians all around.
  3. BAGHBAN which was a family film and made us learn that one should treat his/her family right and spend time with them.

Adding to the list of films, there are numerous of them which promote vulgarity amongst the younger generation nowadays and includes item songs with such absurd lyrics that are ruining the mind-set of our country’s youth. Films like

  1. Dhoom wherein they have shown that speed is everything; teenagers try to copy such stunts on their bikes and cars which many a times lead to severe accidents.
  2. Zid, Jism, Befikre, Kia kool hain hum 3 and etc.

Harassment and rapes have increased because of the free and western culture shown in these types of films, and many other Indian films are not only affecting the social, spiritual and psychological development of our immature youngsters but also promoting sexual behaviours among youth.

It is how we interpret something, if watching good can change our mind in a good way, watching something bad can also change our mind in a bad way. For instance, taking a dialogue from film Zid: Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko zinda rakhne ke liye Impacts the mind of young girls as if their life depends upon the other person.

Teenagers usually tend to stay awake all night, skip meals and usually fall sick until they don’t hear from the other person. Which is a common reason of ‘dark circles’ among many youngsters. This is one of many other examples that our youth implies on their daily life. And you can only imagine how much as India leads the world in output of films, with more than 800 films produced annually.

Pakistan has a rich culture based on Islamic principles and our forefathers struggled for a separate homeland so that we could spend our lives according to the teachings of Islam and practice our cultural values by following Islam. But, the Indian movies’ impact on the culture of Pakistani   youth, is detracting them the other way around. This situation is very dangerous for our youth, as the youth is our future!


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