Ramzan is a blessing for all Muslims around the world and all those who get to experience it are blessed. However, Ramzan this year is in sweltering heat and we must know how to beat the heat to perform the daily tasks as well as the ibadah. Following are a few ways to survive in this heat while fasting:

  1. The Buttermilk:

At suhoor, we have this notion to down as many gallons of water as we can but then we come to realization that it didn’t do what it was supposed to and you are THIRSTY and don’t even talk about the bloating.

What can keep you from feeling thirsty is a glass of buttermilk, lassi .

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Yes, you just need to down one glass of lassi.

  1. Milk and Water:

It’s a simple recipe that beats the dehydration.

Mix equal amounts of cold water and milk aaand this magical recipe is ready.Its a pack of energy and beating the heat. Drink this at both iftar and suhoor and you’ll know the wonders it does.

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  1. Cold showers:

Take a cold shower before going out, it will help considerably in keep the perspiration level down and keep you feeling cool and fresh for some time. Take a cold shower again and lie down under a fan as it causes cooling effect due to evaporation.

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  1. Mouthwash:

As much as we are afraid of mouth washing while fasting, it’s one of the ways to keep the heat down. Swish with cold water, it keep the mouth from becoming dry and lessen the thirst. Well, just don’t act on Zubaida Apa’s totka of drinking a little while mouth washing; well, you know what will happen then….

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  1. Umbrella:

Yes, don’t FORGET to take your umbrella with you. I cannot stress on this enough. Umbrella saves from direct heat on your body thus, reducing the perspiration and keeping you hydrated as well as it keeps you from sun burns due to direct heat exposure.

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  1. Sun block and Antiperspirant:

Apply before leaving your house and even keep a little bottle with you and to save your skin. Use antiperspirants to decrease the sweating.

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  1. Ice cubes:

Put ice cubes in a towel or a cloth and wrap it tightly and put it on your face, forehead, neck and arms and feet. It’s an effective technique to cool down.

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Also put Ice cubes in a small tub and keep your feet in it.

  1. Lemonade:

 Drink lemonade at iftar as it immediately quenches the thirst. I think all are well aware of the importance of lemonade.

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  1. Drinking Water after Iftar:

If something, that can really help you staying hydrated, then it’s drinking a glass of water after every half or an hour after the iftar than planning to drink gallons at suhoor. Drink plenty of water after iftar.


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I hope, this will be helpful.

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