Husband Plans A Surprise For His Wife And It Ends Up Shaking Us To The Core.

Hawa Akhter is seen in a hospital in Dhaka on 15, December 2011. Bangladesh police said December 15 they would press charges against a migrant worker accused of cutting off most of his wife's hand after she started studying for a college degree without his permission. Rafiqul Islam tied up his 21-year-old wife, taped up her mouth and then cut off the five fingers of her right hand just hours after he had returned from the United Arab Emirates, police chief Mohammad Salauddin said. AFP PHOTO/ STR (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Internet has made us a global civilization and now the news travel.

News travel to different countries depicting an image of how your country is.

We clearly see the world divided into the muslims and the non muslims countries.

Once again i got the time to surf my facebook and came across this news of human disfigurement.

Now many of us would be like what is new about that.

It is pretty common.

What shocked me was this all happened between a husband and a wife.

A man who is there to protect you, love you and care for you does this and feels it’s acceptable is what baffles me.

After marriage the man and woman become one.

Partners in all.

But when something like happens and does make the news it shakes me to the core.

The news was ..

A jealous husband chopped off his wife’s fingers because she started studying without his permission.

(I mean who does that)

And this didn’t take place in some non muslim country.

This incident took place in Bangladesh, A muslim country.

Islam the religion that preaches to respect women.

Preaches to take care of women as you will take care of diamonds.

Many men do the quiet opposite.

A man named, Rafiqul Islam aged 30, working as a migrant worker in United Arab Emirates had warned his wife Hawa Akhter, aged 21, to give up her studies yet she didn’t.

She continued pursuing it without her husband’s permission.

When her husband came back from UAE he blindfolded Hawa tied her hands and even tapped her mouth.

All by saying that he had a surprise for her.

And it was a surprise for the poor girl when her husband chopped off all her five fingers of her right hand.

That’s not it.

A relative threw out the fingers so that the doctors can not even reattach them.

” ‘After he came back to Bangladesh, he wanted to have a discussion with me,’ Ms Akhter told The Times.

‘Suddenly, he blindfolded me and tied my hand. He also taped my mouth saying that he would give me some surprise gifts. But, instead he cut off my fingers.’ “

The bright side to this horrific event is that Mr.Islam is arrested and has confessed his sins.

He said he was enraged and jealous since he only had only grade eight standard education while his wife was off to pursue higher studies.

He was arrested in Dhaka and will be facing charges of permanent disfiguration.

But the human rights group want a life imprisonment for this man. (which i truly support)

Even after all this Hawa Akhter remains optimistic and is now learning to write with her left hand since her dreams of pursuing higher studies are not yet crushed.

This incident brings light to many other similar incidents taking place all around in muslim countries which really need to be looked at.

And they need to be stopped.

Islam is not only for women but for men too.

And men now adays need to learn that.

Yes many will raise the issue that the girl did not listen to her husband and all that.

But was chopping off her fingers really necessary?

Islam condemns it and so us all muslims should too.

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