When I go around the streets

Wearing a t-shirt or a jeans

Why does it make you bother?

When It’s my body and my knee


Why do I have to hide the parts which are mine

And who gives you the right to peep inside

And make me uncomfortable

When its absolutely not fine


Lets come to the point and make it rise

Its all in you and your eyes

Covering the body which I own

Will not divert your dirty soul


Rather it will make you curious

To search for the things which are hideous

And you will go to any heights

Be it serious or be it insidious


Why don’t you think for a while?

All that you do could come to you in a mile

Your mothers and your sisters

Can face the same vile,


If only you could understand

Those gestures that you have scanned

Are not going to work, instead

Give our body and soul, a freehand

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