I Have No Words


I have no words to thank him enough

For all the favors he has done for me,

For all those times he has made me tough

Where on this earth such a person, we see?


Call him a door or a pillow

Or just a simple man,

He made me rise like the waves billow

As fast as they can,


What makes him different is the way he sighs

Because he has been working all day and night,

Nevertheless he cares for the people by

And tells them he’s fine and up for a drive.


He has all a girl would ever need

Dashing looks and a pure heart,

But this is what I want him to believe

He deserves a women who has an art


An art to help him make a life he dreams

And paint the walls like he weens,

A lovely daughter and a beautiful queen

To make his heaven full of colors and themes


He has a different way of seeing the world

All those dust and absurds,

He writes a poem and makes it impearled

Into something amazing you have never heard.


He is God’s best creation, I have ever seen

A real hero, a shining star,

And I am standing here, very keen

To watch him sparkle and go real far….

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